[Effects and effects of pine needle oil]_Benefits_Benefits

Pine needles are more familiar to everyone, but the efficacy and role of pine needle oil may not be well understood.

Pine needle oil is an essential oil extracted from pine needles. It is of higher value and has various effects on the human body. It can be anti-inflammatory, sterilizing, diuretic, etc., and it has a good effect on restoring bronchitis.

However, you still need to follow your doctor’s advice on how to use pine needle oil.

First, the effect of essential oils is anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, balm-like, relieve nasal congestion, deodorization, diuresis, disinfection, phlegm recovery, restore physical strength, warm the skin, promote sweating, stimulate and replenish.

Dropping a few drops of pine needle essential oil in the hot water of the foot bath can achieve the purpose of activating blood and meridians.


The healing effect of the mind is good for the feeling of weakness, the debilitating and tired mind, and refreshing the spirit.


The body’s powerful antibacterial agents help with bronchitis, laryngitis, and influenza.

It can provide cooling or warming effect according to the needs of the body.

Generally speaking, it has a good effect on respiratory problems, eliminates the difficulty of breathing, and removes snot and sputum. It seems to have a slight effect on excessive sweating.

It can purify the kidneys, and has curative effects on cystitis, hepatitis and prostate problems. It can inhibit inflammation of the gallbladder and eliminate gallstones.

Energizes the adrenal glands and rejuvenates the body.

Pine also stimulates circulatory effects, and its warming properties relieve the symptoms of rheumatism, gout, sciatica and arthritis.

When the symptoms are very urgent or painful, wet essential oils can be used.

It is also good for muscle soreness and general muscle stiffness.

Improve digestive disorders, especially intestinal disorders.

It is said to improve excessive leucorrhea and also provide some effects on uterine inflammation.

Known for helping men regain their strength.

It is also said that fleas cannot tolerate the smell of pine trees.


Skin efficacy is extremely valuable for skin with diabetes, and eczema and psoriasis can also be improved with pine essential oils.

It also seems to heal cut wounds and soothe irritated skin.

Pine needle essential oil, that is, the essential oil extracted from pine needles.

Saturated unsaturated fatty acids of this oil are important components that “melt” plasma, remove impurities from blood vessels, effectively remove excess metabolites in blood vessels, and play a significant role in reducing blood viscosity.

At the same time, it can also improve the elasticity of blood vessels and make blood flow smoothly. It can regulate blood pressure and has a hypotensive effect on patients with hypertension.

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