[Farmhouse homemade bean paste practice _ rural bean paste practice Daquan]

Douban sauce is a condiment that contains both color and aroma, and we often use it in life.

For example, to make mapo tofu, braised duck, stir-fried cabbage and other foods, you can add a little bean paste, which can be said to be suitable for vegetarian food.

Nowadays, if you look closely at the watercress sauce on the market, you can see that the color is really red, so some people have suggested that it is not healthy to add color.

So, how does the farmer make homemade bean paste?

First, the raw material preparation: Erjing strip chili: The best selection of fresh and high-quality mature Erjing strip chili for the production of Lixian Douban, its taste is moderate and spicy.

Mold Douban: If you want to make an authentic Shexian Douban, one of the least things is this.

They are all sold in the market. If they are not available locally, the method for making mildew watercress will be attached at the end of the article.

Salt: Generally iodized salt can be used.

Second, the production method steps: 1.

Pickling mildew watercress 1) Wash the purchased mildew watercress, pick out the bad part, and drain.

When washing the watercress, you can use an appropriate amount of white wine, which can quickly remove the moldy hairs of the mold watercress.

(The mold on the mold watercress can also be washed without traditional washing.) 2) Pour an appropriate amount of soy sauce into the drained mold watercress and marinate until the watercress becomes soft. The time is usually 3-4 days.


Fresh peppers made from salted peppers. Fresh red wattle red peppers are removed, washed, crushed, and added with a certain proportion (18% -20%) of salt.


Mixed fermentation: Add 10% to 15% of the proportion of salted peppers, add the pickled mold petals, and add 30% of the edible salt of the mold petals. After mixing, ferment naturally.Sun, dew “, 3-6 months.

Note that it can only be stirred once a day in the morning.

If you have a special preference for Douban taste, you can add about 2% of peppercorns, about 1% of star anise, cinnamon, white buckle and other commonly used spices.


After storing the bean paste, it can be bottled and stored, then poured into vegetable oil sealed bottles.

You can make a delicious Sichuan flavor with a spoonful when cooking.

Attachment: Production method of mildew watercress Material: dried broad beans (dried peas) Steps: 1. Soak the dried broad beans in water, then peel the broad bean skin.

At least soak for a night, until the heart.

2. Wash soaked broad bean petals and drain water.

3. Wash the dust in advance, dry it, and spread a layer of pumpkin leaves or leaves, then spread the drained broad bean petals evenly, and then cover them with pumpkin leaves or leaves.

Either a bamboo bed or hoe.

4. Put the pancake pan in a cool place to ferment until the broad bean petals are full of Mucor.

5. To make bean paste in the season, you can mix the broad bean paste directly into the chili sauce and mix it with a small amount of white wine.

6, if the season is not used up, you can dry the mold watercress in the sun, then put it in a glass container and keep it sealed. It can be used again in the next year.

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