8 kinds of “food supplements” make you not fat and thin

Not all snacks and drinks make you fat, follow the recipe below, you will not only get fat, but also become thin!
早餐前喝咖啡  美国纳什维尔州范德比尔特大学研究发现,在早餐前30分钟喝一杯咖啡可以有效地控制食欲,让你只吃以往食量的75%就感觉到饱了,并且还能将脂肪Burning speed is 5% faster!
This is thanks to a heat-producing substance, jaundice, in coffee, which also provides enough heat for your body.
Calcium supplements at breakfast A daily intake of 600 mg of calcium (300 mg each for breakfast and lunch) can help your body speed up fat consumption.
In a study, scientists found that women who ate this way had 22% less weight than women who did not take calcium, 61% less fat, and 81% less belly fat!
Drink a cup of plum juice before going to the bathroom. The plum is rich in flower-forms – a phytochemical that helps the body effectively excrete fats and toxins.
  Drinking a cup of plum juice, your body’s “clean” procedure can be greatly accelerated, and the liver can quickly and thoroughly excrete substances that may cause obesity in your body.
Drink more water If you want to lose 2 kilograms of weight this week, how much water you drink each day is related to your weight.
Nutrition experts recommend that you drink 31% of your weight.
3 ml of water (for example, 50 kg kg of women) should drink 1.
565 liters of water.
Water is an automatic high temperature device for metabolism. Once the water intake is insufficient, the body temperature will drop and the body will begin to depend on fat.
Eating peanuts between breakfast and lunch Scientists found in a survey that people who eat peanuts lose twice the weight of those who do not eat peanuts!
Studies have shown that if you eat a handful of peanuts a day, the calorie intake will be reduced by 333 calories.
Eating fermented food at noon Researchers have found that eating fermented foods such as steamed buns and sandwiches is less likely to be hungry and lasts for at least an hour longer than eating regular food.
This is because during the fermentation process, starch and sugar are broken down into ingredients that are not easily digested. The digestive system needs more time to digest it, and you are less likely to feel hungry.
下午来一勺蜂蜜  蜂蜜能够在使用后的20分钟之内将你的血糖调整到正常的水平,并能将这种正常状态稳定地保持2个小时,降低你的饥饿感,并能安抚你的Emotions keep you happy.
Relaxing with Oolong Tea The habit of growing oolong tea will make your metabolism work faster, it will increase the body’s burning calories by 3% and fat consumption by 10%.
Because this tea is free of calories, fat and sodium, you can safely drink if you want to lose weight.