Ten benefits of kissing

Ten benefits of kissing

According to Russia ‘s Pravda, science has proven that regular kissing can stabilize human heart and blood vessel activity, prevent high blood pressure, lower cholesterol, and improve overall health.

Here are the medical statistics about kissing.

  Dental care is better than any brand of chewing gum because it prevents plaque and dental caries, and prevents tooth decay like toothpaste.

The scientific rationale is this: when kissing, a large amount of saliva can be secreted in the oral cavity of the person, and the saliva contains a large amount of calcium and phosphorus, which can protect the teeth from crushing particles, and also reduce the incidence of gingivitis.

In addition, saliva becomes neutral during kissing, which can prevent many dental diseases.

  Beauty and kissing with lovers can be beauty.

One kiss needs to mobilize 30 facial muscles of a person, so that the person’s facial skin becomes smoother, and blood circulation is accelerated. After kissing, rubbing the skin cream and using the mask works best.

  People who lose weight do n’t have to go on a diet to get the favor of the opposite sex. Although we consume only 12 calories for each kiss, scientists can already. Just kiss 3 times a day, no more than 20 seconds, you willYou can lose a whole pound of excess meat.

  Pain Relief The endorphin hormone we often say is actually an anesthetic.

The more passionate the kiss, the more endorphins secreted in the saliva, and a single kiss can produce a dose of this hormone equivalent to a painkiller.

In addition, kissing can make antibiotics.

When kissing, natural antibiotics are secreted in human saliva, and they also have an anesthetic effect, so when you have unbearable pain, do n’t take any more painkillers, remember this dose of medicine-that is, kiss, kiss, kiss,Enough kiss.

  Anti-stress kissing prevents the formation of stress hormones, the adrenocortical hormone, which is the main culprit for high blood pressure, high cholesterol, muscle weakness and insomnia.

Usually kissing can effectively relax the nervous system and reduce stress.

That’s why those who love kissing are all optimistic.

Kissing at least 3 times a day can keep you romantic and happy for 24 hours.

  There are a lot of bacteria in our saliva. For all people, 80% of these bacteria are the same, and the other 20% are unique to each individual.

When two people kiss, their saliva mixes produce a variety of microbial responses that stimulate the human immune system to produce certain antibodies, which scientists call a cross-immunotherapy.

  Genetic compatibility analysis is by no means an exaggeration!

When you kiss, your brain immediately chemically analyzes your couple’s saliva, which makes your genetic compatibility a “judgment”.

So it’s best to establish your genetic compatibility when you first kiss.

  In essence, kissing has many advantages for human functioning.

People who kiss often don’t have to worry about stomach, bladder, and blood infections, and guess what else kissing can do-it can cure snoring.

Three Chinese medicine tonic porridge make you white and smooth

Three Chinese medicine tonic porridge make you white and smooth

Click to buy the traditional Chinese medicine magic recipe introduced below can be adapted to your different needs for “white”, let you slowly adjust the look.

  As the so-called “one white covers three ugliness”, fair-skinned and delicate women usually get the pampering of their bodies, so no matter what kind of healthy skin color and chocolate makeup are popular, there are always rich “white is beautiful” diehards.dress down”!

The Chinese medicine recipes introduced below have the effect of beauty and beauty, and can respond to your different needs for “white”, allowing you to slowly adjust your complexion.

  For pale complexion: Honey and peanut jujube porridge beauty principle: red dates tonic, peanut clothing to nourish, peanut meat to nourish, honey tonic, comprehensive enhancement to make complexion ruddy.

  Method: Soak the red dates and peanuts in warm water, put them in a pot and add an appropriate amount of water, cook over low heat until cooked and then add honey to eat.

  For the dark and dark face: Chestnuts and Chinese cabbage pot beauty principle: the dark and dark face is due to insufficient kidney qi and yin correction, while chestnut spleen and kidney, cabbage tonic and moisturizing, comprehensively make the complexion fair and bright.

  Method: Remove the raw chestnuts, cut them in half, simmer with duck soup until cooked, add 200 grams of cabbage strips, salt, MSG instead.

  Aiming at rough skin: Bamboo shoots and sea cucumbers boil beauty principle: Usually the reason for rough skin is insufficient blood and dryness, while sea cucumber nourishes yin and nourishes and bamboo shoots clear the heat.

The comprehensive effect makes the skin delicate and light.

  Method: Cut the sea cucumber into long strips, add it to the pan with the fresh bamboo shoots or sliced bamboo shoots, add the lean meat and simmer, add salt, monosodium glutamate, sugar, and drink.

Best exercises for babies to grow taller

Best exercises for babies to grow taller

The height of the human body is determined by the growth and development of bones.

At both ends of the long bone, there is a sacral rib that specializes in bone growth.

When the juvenile cartilage grows continuously, the bones grow continuously; when the growth stops in adulthood, the body will no longer grow.

Before the sacral axis has not stopped proliferating, regular physical exercise can help stimulate the growth of the sacral spine.

Therefore, for children, physical exercise is the most active and effective way to promote growth.

  In addition, regular participation in physical exercise can improve the blood circulation of the human body, enhance the body’s absorption of nutrients, and increase the ability of bone cells to grow; mechanical forces can promote calcium precipitation in the bones, making the bones thicker and occupied.

Surveys and studies by medical experts show that children who regularly participate in physical exercise are on average 4% more likely than children who are not.
8 cm.

Scientists recommend that adolescents exercise more than an hour a day.

  In general, the most effective exercise programs are jumping, running, high-footing, floor exercise, basketball, volleyball, swimming, skipping and pull-ups.

Running, jumping, and weight-bearing exercise can penetrate the muscles and ligaments and stimulate the growth of the zygomatic spine; pull-ups can stretch the spine, making the spine expand as hard as possible, and promoting spinal bone hyperplasia;The movement of the pedal to clamp the legs and the buoyancy of the water are very beneficial to the growth of the spine and limb bones.

  Intensity-breaking sports, such as competitions or breaking weight strength exercises, the interval between each exercise should be longer, and the total exercise time should not be too long to avoid causing excessive fatigue; low-intensity items such as slow steps, skipping rope, etc.Exercise time can be relatively extended, so that muscles, joints and bones are fully stimulated.

  Obviously, the height of a person is also affected by endocrine.

Therefore, young people should not exercise too much, so as not to affect sleep and disturb endocrine.

In addition, strengthening nutrition is also an important supplement to make the body grow taller. At the same time of strengthening exercise, you must supplement the bone building materials-gum and inorganic salts in a timely and sufficient manner.

Interpreting your career status by key

Interpreting your career status by key

A key is dropped near the pool. When you are looking for it, use your imagination and guess that it is made of the following materials.

Don’t think, just choose an answer: A: Iron B: Wood C: Gold D: Silver E: Copper Analysis of the results: A: You are a very realistic person.

Rarely do useless imagination, think and deal with problems in ordinary people’s way of thinking, and get along well with the people around them, without causing trouble.

But now you may be at the ebb of life B: Your heart seems to be dissatisfied with real life, or you feel very tired.

It feels troublesome to do anything and lacks the motivation to try new things. Now you are eager to attach to strong men.

  C: Your current career is very prosperous, and there are unexpected opportunities around you, which can make you realize your dreams and gain.

And new things will bring you good luck one after another.

  D: You can react immediately after thinking carefully about the problem.

Those who use wisdom to find reasonable solutions.

You are very cautious when accepting the opinions of the other party, so it is the most appropriate time to face the other party’s proposal or show love to the other party.

In addition, your fortune is very strong, and there is a possibility of getting rich.

  E: You are super confident.

Outstanding ability can handle things neatly.

But in the face of something that is annoying, even the voice of your boss or elder, the order is deaf, because you think you are the most important.

You seem to be able to do both well.

Now is the best time to let go and try something new.

Seven strategies to solve the problem of enlarged pores


Seven strategies to solve the problem of enlarged pores

With the increase of age, our skin pores will become larger and larger. How can we solve the problem of enlarged pores?

  Causes of large pores Dirt covers the pores, strong sebum secretion, improper squeezing acne, improper use of cosmetics or drugs, loose skin and so on.

  Seven strategies to solve the problem of large pores1.

When washing your face every day, use egg white to coat your face, and then wash it with a face towel. Persist for one month, the effect is significant.


When it’s cold, clean your face with hot water, and then splash your face with cold water to shrink your pores. When it’s hot, add some ice cubes.


Mix the same amount of yogurt and honey together, apply a thin layer, and wash with water after 15 minutes.


Dip the medicinal cotton yarn into the beer for about 3 minutes.

Remove the cotton gauze, twist it slightly, and apply it on the body to let the facial skin relax completely. Leave it on for about half an hour.

If the moisture in the cotton yarn is absorbed, you can apply it after soaking in the first two steps.


Juice a fresh lemon, add twice the water, add three tablespoons of flour to make a paste, and then spread on a wooden board.

Remove it after 15-20 minutes; or apply a slice of fresh lemon directly to the face, remove it after 15-20 minutes, wash the face and tighten the pores.


Mix vinegar and glycerin at a ratio of 5: 1 and apply it on the face. Stick to it daily and your face will become tender.


Jasmine refreshing liquid takes the flower that is not fully opened and immerses it in cold boiling water. After being sealed for several days, it is ready to be used as medical alcohol.

After washing your face, it can be used on the whole body to shrink pores and refresh your skin.

3 ways to develop your child’s self-esteem

3 ways to develop your child’s “self-esteem”

[Introduction]Self-esteem is the core part of how people view themselves, and it is the mode and measure of how we evaluate our thoughts, feelings and abilities.
Generally can be divided into healthy self-esteem and unhealthy self-esteem.
Lisa is a lawyer, but she doesn’t have enough patience to face his son Billy.
Recently, Lisa discovered that his son’s behavior had become a bit unreasonable, and Billy was particularly disgusted when his parents pointed out what was wrong with him.
The psychiatrist cautioned Lisa to take her child’s psychological needs seriously and to cultivate her health and self-esteem.
The formation of children’s healthy self-esteem is closely related to key figures such as parents, teachers and good friends.
May wish to develop a family building plan and implement it sequentially.
Objective: To shape children’s health and self-esteem through the concerted efforts of family members.
Time period: From now on until the child reaches adulthood.
Implementation steps 1. Establish a good sense of belonging Parents can have many ways to make their children understand where they belong in the family: ★ Say “I love you” to the child twice a day.
——Show “love” to your child with words and actions, and let him know that you love him because he is part of the family.
The child will understand this: You love him and care about his growth.
★ List your child’s good quality on paper, at least 3, stick it on the refrigerator, and often add it on top.
-Always affirm your child’s good behavior and let him know “I’m OK”.
Of course, you should point out bad behavior.
When you often emphasize what you like and what you don’t like, your child’s behavior will gradually change to the good side.
★ Eat and play games for the whole family.
——Enjoy as much parent-child time as possible.
Please note that serious issues should not be discussed during meals.
★ Give your child some time to talk.
——No matter how busy work is, when your child tells you, it’s best to let go of your hands and listen carefully.
Please don’t express your opinions casually, unless it is he who asks you, or something related to your child’s safety.
Note: Never make fun of or ridicule children.
The above efforts focus on daily accumulation, not overnight.
2. Learning skills and experiencing success have a good sense of belonging and identity, which will promote children’s strong thirst for knowledge.
Learning is an indispensable part of cultivating children’s healthy self-esteem, and it also needs to be developed step by step.
★ Selection: According to the child’s interest, age and ability, choose a suitable learning activity for him, drawing, playing chess, dancing, calligraphy, piano, playing basketball, swimming, and choose a certain stage.
★ Try: When you try with your child, don’t worry too much about the difficulties and dangers in the activity process, you should devote your whole heart and don’t be absent-minded.
When your child encounters difficulties, please don’t rush to arrange them instead. Let your child practice more and learn to overcome the difficulties himself.
★ A few tips: ◎ When a child learns a new skill, such as riding a bicycle, you don’t need to ask him to get on the road at first, but encourage him to practice more.
◎ When learning more complicated skills, divide it into several stages and let children see their progress.
◎ Compliment after the task is completed, let the child feel that he has the ability to learn, and then he will learn new knowledge and new skills with confidence.
3. Learn dedication and establish self-esteem. Dedication is acquired by the day after tomorrow. After mastering certain knowledge and skills, children will be more confident in contributing to the family, team and society.
★ Develop a family code.
Discuss with your child and formulate a family code. After it is written, write it down in black and white. Everyone must implement it, and they must always check and urge each other.
As a result, the child will feel that he is also contributing to the family.
★ Hold family meetings.
Having family meetings with your children often to discuss issues and issues is an effective way for children to learn to cooperate.★ Teach your children to do small things.

According to the age and ability of the child, teach him to do small things, such as: simple housework, serving grandparents, participating in public welfare activities, and so on.

As you get older, you can let your child decide what to do and how to do it.

When he finishes the work “seriously and well, please express your appreciation to him clearly.

Dedication is happy, and it has a positive effect on self-esteem.

Through the efforts of parents, children will gradually understand how to cooperate with others and take responsibility.

Don’t let your child’s glasses expire

Don’t let your child’s glasses expire

Don’t let children’s glasses serve for an extended period of time. Many people wear a pair of myopic glasses and often wear them until the lenses break or become unusable.

However, hospital ophthalmologists warn that if the lenses are “expired in service,” it is likely that myopia will accelerate.

Experts said that the resin lenses that have been used now are easy to carry, but easy to scratch.

Once there is a scratch on the mirror surface of the glasses, it will obviously affect its optical correction performance.

Therefore, it is necessary to regularly maintain and inspect the glasses and update them in time to keep them in good working condition.

Experts suggest that ordinary myopia patients usually change their glasses every two years, one is to adjust the degree, and the other is “renewal.”

For teenagers whose degree changes particularly quickly, it is best to change their glasses every six months to a year.

Experts explain that adolescents are at the peak of eye use, and because of long-term close-up use of the eye, there will be regulatory blockage of the ciliary muscles, and myopia is particularly easy to deepen.

Therefore, adolescents who overuse their eyes should have their refraction performed every six months (mydriatic refraction). If the glasses are not suitable for the change in the refractive power of myopia, they should change their glasses in time.

Of course, if it is pseudo-myopia, after passing through the dilated pupils, the eyes can be restored after vision and medical treatment.

Eat more red fruits and vegetables for beauty and anti-aging

Eat more red fruits and vegetables for beauty and anti-aging

Strawberries, cherries, watermelons, red-skinned peaches . Right now, all kinds of red fruits and vegetables are on the market. The red and bright colors make people appetite. In the eyes of TCM health experts, they are beauty, anti-aging, detoxification, and heart-building.It’s the “fruit and vegetable treasure” for preventing colds.

  ”The face is peach-colored, and the lips are cherry-like.” People usually describe a person’s good looks like this. Professor Yang Li, a specialist in traditional Chinese medicine health care and Xiyuan Hospital of the Chinese Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences, said that according to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, eating red fruits and vegetables can make the complexion look ruddyBeauty effect.

From the perspective of western medicine, vitamin C, vitamin E, and lycopene are added to various vegetables and fruits, which also have good anti-aging, cosmetic effects, and can prevent colds.

  From the perspective of Chinese medicine theory, eating red fruits and vegetables often not only softens blood vessels, lowers blood lipids, but also has the effect of dehumidification and water.

In its center, American radish has a relatively strong diuretic effect, and is a good fruit and vegetable detox.

  Professor Yang Li said that the reason why red fruits and vegetables are attractive is mainly because they are rich in lycopene, especially in mature tomatoes.

This is a strong antioxidant that can help the body delay aging and prevent cancer.

  ”The freshest, the best, the most nutritious, the easiest to absorb, the most economical”, Professor Yang Li summed up the five major benefits of eating various red fruits and vegetables, and reminded that since the red one is selected, the more mature, the more colorRedder fruits and vegetables are richer in various nutrients.

Mind Yoga eliminates psychological burden_1

Mind Yoga eliminates psychological burden

Mind Yoga can relax you, relieve you from stress, breathe in fresh air for 20 minutes every day, and enjoy the bathing of the sun, so that you can breathe better. It can also help you relax and make you full again.

In the face of fierce struggle in society, how can we be invincible?

In today’s era of social competition, everyone faces various pressures. Only by adjusting your mindset and relaxing your mood can you relieve the pressure in your heart.

  1. The success or failure of a peaceful psychological relationship involves many subjective and objective factors, not personal strength.

Goal positioning and value pursuit must meet their own conditions.

In the face of competition and challenges, we need both enthusiasm and passion, but also rational strategies and tactics.

  2. Timely exercise and fun song, lunch break, after work, holidays, walking, jogging, swimming, singing, playing sports, travel, not only exercise, cultivate temperament, and effectively transfer and relieve stress.

  3, write a complaint heartily, if there is no one to tell, you can also write a diary or blog, the more venting, the happier the heart.

This is a good way to relieve depression and relieve stress in spiritual yoga.

  4, sweet love, harmonious sex, sincere and pleasant relationship, love is a good medicine to divert and distract psychological pressure; harmonious and full-fledged sex life between husband and wife is a wonderful way to release the mental burden and eliminate psychological discomfort.

  Tips: Do more social activities and relax yourself.

This way you can forget your troubles and sorrows.

The quick way to deal with stress is to say, “That’s fine” when that’s not the case.

Learn to stand up and believe in your beliefs.

Eight management laws that people walk in the workplace

Eight management laws that people walk in the workplace

Parkinson’s Law The famous American historian Northgood-Parkinson wrote a book called “Parkinson’s Law” through a long-term investigation and research, in which he reduced the causes and consequences of the staff expansion of the agency: a misfitThere may be three ways for officials.

The first is to apply for resignation and give up the seat to a competent person; the second is to allow a competent person to assist himself in the work; the third is to appoint two people who are more qualified than himself as an assistant.

  This first path is absolutely impossible, because it will lose a lot of power; the second path will not be taken, because the capable person will become his opponent; it seems that only the third path is the most suitable.

As a result, two mediocre assistants shared his work, and he himself gave orders.

The two assistants were both incompetent and ineffective, and they found two incompetent assistants for themselves.

By analogy, a leadership system that is bloated, people floating around, talking to each other, and inefficient is formed.

  Hirschner’s Law A well-known Hirschner’s Law in Western management: if the actual managerial staff has more digits than the optimal number, the working time will be twice more and the working cost will be four times higher;Three times the optimal number, three times the working time, and six times the working cost.

  Hirschner’s Law tells us that management is not more powerful, and the more managers there are, the work efficiency may not happen.

Rushner’s Law requires us to study carefully and find an optimal number to reduce working hours instead of working costs.

  The horse-fly effect When Lincoln was a teenager, he and his brother plowed cornfields on a farm in some hometowns. Lincoln rode the horse and his brother plowed it. The horse was lazy, and swelled slowly.

But some horses go fast.

Lincoln was surprised. When he got to the ground, he found a large horsefly stinging on the horse, and he knocked it down.

Seeing the horsefly being hit, his brother didn’t say, “Oh, why did you kill it? That guy made the horse run!”

Without a horse fly bite, the horse slowly twitched and stopped; with a horse fly bite, the horse did not dare to snooze and ran fast.

This is the horse fly effect.

The inspiration from the horse-fly effect is that only when a person is bitten, he will not dare to relax, and will work hard and keep making progress.

  The rule of “Southerly Wind” The rule of “Southerly Wind” is also called the “warm” rule, which is derived from a parable written by French writer La Fontaine: the northerly and southerly winds are stronger than the power, to see who can take off the coat on the pedestrian.

The north wind first came with a cold wind to bite the cold, and as a result, the pedestrian wrapped the coat tightly in order to resist the invasion of the north wind.

The south wind was blowing slowly, and the wind was bright and sunny. The pedestrians unbuttoned the buttons because they felt the spring was warm, and then took off their coats. The south wind won the victory.

  This parable vividly illustrates a truth: warmth is better than severe cold.

Leaders applying the “Southern Wind” rule in management is to respect and care for their subordinates. The following subordinates are based, and more “human touch”, try their best to solve the practical difficulties in the daily life of subordinates, so that the subordinates really cause the warmth given by the leader, soStimulate work.

  The law of wine and sewage refers to the law of wine and sewage. If you put a spoonful of wine into a bucket of sewage, you get a bucket of sewage; if you put a spoon of sewage into a bucket of wine, you still get a bucketIn sewage.
  In any organization, there are several difficult characters, and their purpose seems to be to mess things up.

Worst of all, they are like rotten apples in the fruit box. If you don’t handle it in time, it will spread quickly and rot other apples in the box.

The terrible thing about the “rotten apple” is its amazing destructive power.

An upright and competent person may be swallowed into a chaotic department, and an unskilled person can quickly turn an efficient department into a piece of sand.

A craftsman who spends time elaborately making a ceramic can destroy it with a donkey in a second.

  The principle of zero-sum game Zero-sum game refers to the fact that in a game, the player loses or wins, and one side gets exactly what the other side loses. The total score of the game is always zero.

  The reason why the zero-sum game is so popular is that some people find that similar situations to the zero-sum game can be found in all aspects of society. The glory of the winner often hides the bitterness and bitterness of the loser;After centuries of humankind experienced two world wars, rapid economic growth, scientific and technological progress, global integration, and increasingly serious environmental pollution, the concept of “zero-sum games” is gradually being replaced by the concept of “win-win”.

People began to realize that “self-interest” does not have to be based on “harm to others.”

With effective cooperation, a happy ending is possible.

  The watch theorem The watch theorem means that when a person has a watch, he can know what time it is, and when he has two watches at the same time, he cannot determine the time.

Two watches cannot tell a person a more accurate time. Instead, the person who watches will lose confidence in the accurate time.

  The watch theorem gives us a very intuitive inspiration in terms of business management. It is that the management of the same person or the same organization cannot adopt two different methods at the same time, cannot set two different goals at the same time, and even each individual cannotCommanded by two people at the same time, otherwise this enterprise or this person will be at a loss.

  The law of unworthy law The most intuitive expression of the unworthy law is that what is not worth doing is not worth doing well.

This law seems simple enough, but its essence is always forgotten by people.

  The law of unworthiness reflects people’s mentality. If a person thinks that something is not worth doing, he always maintains a perfunctory attitude. The success rate is small, and even if it is successful, it will not be much.A sense of accomplishment.

Therefore, the leaders of the enterprise should reasonably distribute the work, such as letting the employees who want to be dismissed to complete the work with certain risks and shortcomings alone or lead, and give affirmation and praise when they are completed; let the employees who are dependent on hiring participate moreWork together in a group; let workers who want to be involved in power take on a supervisor role appropriate to their abilities.