Skincare membrane law book to create a beautiful bride

Skincare “membrane” law book to create a beautiful bride

On the eve of the wedding, many brides are very anxious, and their skin has become rough and yellow due to the busyness of a while ago. What should I do at this time?
Now find a proper skin care “membrane” method for beautiful brides, and use various types of membranes to enhance the bride’s beauty level.
Mask, eye mask, neck mask, whole body care, be a perfect bride!
  Mask choose a hydrating paper film to moisturize the skin, because this type of mask is mostly based on water, which can inject full moisture into the skin in a short time.
  It is recommended to use it every day for half a month before the wedding. You can use a water-based mask every day. After bathing, it is the time for pores to expand. At this time, applying a moisturizing mask will allow nutrients to penetrate your facial skin better!
Before applying the mask, the facial massage cream is also very suitable for use at this time, it can help you soften the horny, or use a professional exfoliating cream, and then use the mask will double the effect!
  Eye Mask Choose an eye mask with strong moisturizing and natural ingredients, which can make the skin around the eyes more delicate and smooth.
  It is recommended to apply 3 times a week. You can apply it three times a week before the wedding. At the same time, it can be combined with moisturizing eye cream and eye essence to achieve the best care for the skin around the eyes.
The eye mask can also be chilled in the refrigerator before use. The double coldness will make the puffy eyes fully soothed.
  Neck Mask Choose a neck mask with a moisturizing effect.
The most easily exposed skin under a beautiful wedding dress is your neck skin. Of course, a beautiful neck can give you a lot of points.
  It is recommended to use it twice a week. You can start using it 1 or 2 weeks in advance to let the neck skin drink enough water to make it smoother.
About 15 minutes before applying makeup, apply the mask again to quickly dilute the pigmentation and even out the skin tone of the neck.
Then apply moisturizing barrier cream on the neck, which will make it easier to apply makeup.
  The best step: Step1 Before use, it is best to wash the face or neck before applying the film, or apply a hot towel for 2 minutes after massage before starting the film.
The warm water can open the pores, expel sebum and dirt, and the nutrients of the paper film will be more easily absorbed into the skin.
  Step2 After removing the paper film, massage by hand for 2 to 3 minutes, so that the nutrients just obtained from the paper film can be fully absorbed.
  Step3 After washing the skin with warm water, apply moisturizing skincare products.
  Tips:面膜精华液护手  手臂和双手也是很容易露出来的地方,所以在使用护手霜的同时,也不要忘记将用完面膜剩余的精华液涂满手臂和手指,并进行充分的按摩,Makes this part of the skin smooth and supple.

Sucking pacifiers or speech difficulties

Sucking pacifiers or speech difficulties

It is said that in addition to normal breastfeeding, children who suck objects such as pacifiers or fingers for too long may cause adverse effects on the development of language functions.

  Researchers from the U.S. and Chile have collected Chile bundled in 3?
Data for 5 year old children.

It was found that children who sucked their pacifiers or sucked their fingers for more than 3 years were about three times more likely to have language problems than ordinary children.

The study also found that if you start sucking pacifiers and other items after 9 months, you can reduce the risk of language dysfunction in the future.

  Researchers point out that it is necessary to allow them to use items such as baby bottles and pacifiers for a long period of time. According to the results of this study, parents should be careful not to allow their children to suck too much in addition to normal breastfeeding.

Teach you the basic standing method of Latin dance fitness

Teach you the basic standing method of Latin dance fitness

Guide: Teach you the basic stance of Latin dance fitness If you want to use Latin dance fitness, you must learn Latin dance first, and if you want to learn Latin dance, you must first learn the basic stance of Latin dance.

Now let’s see what are the standing positions in the process of learning Latin dance, and what should we pay attention to.

  Stand with your feet side by side, trying to straighten your head, shoulders, and hips at a three-point line, with your eyes straight up, your neck straight, and your jaw slightly receded so that you can see the back of your neck straight.

  Tighten the chest to close the shoulder blades inward and backward, and lower the shoulders while pulling up the middle section of the body (thoracolumbar), so that the middle section of the body and the shoulders have a pressing force against each other.

  The chest is retracted slightly, the lower abdomen is pulled upwards, but the body should not be deformed excessively, and the torso of the upper body is felt straight.

The two thighs should be retracted slightly, the knees should be straight, not bent, and the muscles of the thighs and calves should be tightened, feeling like they are tightened in the opposite direction.

  Preparing gait posture: your left foot is forward, your toes are forward, your body’s center of gravity is on your left foot, and your body is trying to straighten your head, shoulders, and thighs into a line.

Open your right foot in the back, shrink and stretch it, point your thumb at the point, press your heel down, don’t lift it, and keep your feet straight.

  Tips: The right cymbal opens backward at an angle of 45 °, so that the body forms a long straight line from the upper body to the right toe, which can show a very beautiful shape and body shape in the dance.

Summer Pediatric Disease Trial Grain Conditioning

Summer Pediatric Disease Trial Grain Conditioning

As the saying goes, “How can a person eat grains without getting sick”, especially for young babies?

Once the baby is sick and sees the doctor, he always gets back a lot of medicines, there are granules and syrup, the doctor tells how much to eat.

But when I get home, I should give my baby something to help her recover her health as soon as possible, but Mummy has no idea for a moment.

In fact, sickness, injections, and medicine are only treatments. If you use grains as a disease, it is both economical and practical, and there is no substitute. It can also help your baby recover as quickly as possible.Most of them are bacterial infections, and most of them are rotavirus infections in the late autumn and early winter. They are mainly caused by inadequate gastrointestinal digestion in children and improper replacement, so it is essential to regulate spleen and stomach function.

  Grain conditioning method: 1, yam porridge, take 100 grams of yam, wash and cut into thin slices, wash 100 grams of millet, add an appropriate amount of water, boil over high heat, and then cook slowly to a gruel-like form, and feed the baby in portions.

  2. For the egg paste, cook several eggs, remove the egg whites and take out the egg yolks. Insert the egg yolks into a small pot and heat and stir-fry. The egg yolks gradually change and turn black. Finally, the egg paste leaks out.

Babies under 2 years of age take 5 ml each time, other ages will be added or subtracted as appropriate based on symptoms.

  -Baby with sore tongue After a cold and fever often cause redness and swelling in the throat, some will cause sore tongue and ulcers, which will affect baby’s eating and recovery as soon as possible.

But the baby will not express pain, but only as drooling.

Chinese medicine believes that this is due to pediatric heart and spleen heat and tongue sores.

In addition to taking Chinese patent medicines for clearing heat and detoxifying, the effects of some dietary treatment methods are also very positive, and it is worth trying.

  Grain conditioning method: 1. Fresh bitter gourd ice-cream juice is washed to remove seeds, pounded, wrapped in clean gauze, take 50 ml of juice, and fed with an appropriate amount of rock sugar frequently, regardless of time.

  2. Mung beans drink 60 grams of raw mung beans and 2-3 cabbage hearts. Wash the raw mung beans in a small pot and cook until they are cooked, add cabbage hearts, cook for another 20 minutes, then take the juice and serve, 1-2 times a dayIt is better to eat in the early and early stages.

  -Anemia Anemia in infants and young children is a relatively common disease, mostly caused by insufficient intake of iron and folic acid, poor absorption, or excessive loss.

In addition to taking blood supplements, a reasonable diet is very important. Mummy should make your baby develop good eating habits, not picky, not partial, eat less snacks, eat more vegetables and fruits, especially let your baby eat more ironFood such as spinach, soy products, black fungus, animal liver, beef, red dates, etc.

If it is to prevent nutritional megaloblastic anemia, the baby should also eat more foods that consume folic acid, such as beans, dark green vegetables, whole wheat bread and so on.

Dark-colored buckwheat honey is great for correcting anemia.

  Grain conditioning method: 1, 25 grams of three-color liver pork liver, scallions, carrots, tomatoes, spinach 10 grams each, seasoned with salt, appropriate broth.

Wash and chop pork liver, shallots, carrots and spinach. Wash the tomatoes with boiling water and remove the skins and chop them for later use. Put the chopped pork liver, shallots and carrots in a pot and add broth to cook. Finally add tomatoesSpinach and boil for a while.

This dish is suitable for babies who are more than 7 months old.

  2, jujube liver, red dates, chicken liver, tomatoes, take an appropriate amount, soak the red dates with water for an hour to make them swell, peel off the outer skin and kernels and mince the red dates; the tomatoes are scalded with boiling water, peeled, take 1/ 4 crushed into mud; chicken liver is broken with a mixer, remove the gluten, mixed with the above two processed raw materials, seasoned, add an appropriate amount of water and mix well, steam for 10 minutes on the pot.

These kinds of raw materials are more effective in iron supplementation.

  -Infants with constipation Artificially implanted babies are prone to constipation. Some babies will have constipation due to difficulty in defecation, which may cause blood in the stool. Baby crying, mommy is anxious, and the family cannot rest.

This is mainly due to the excessive casein content in cow’s milk, which results in dry and hard stools that are difficult to excrete.

  Grain conditioning method: 1, golden vegetable porridge white rice or millet 100 grams, sweet potatoes or pumpkin 100 grams, spinach or amaranth amount, broth or water amount.

Wash the rice first and soak it for 20 minutes. Wash and peel the sweet potatoes and cut into small dices. Wash the spinach or amaranth and drain the water and chop them for later use. Then put the rice and sweet potatoes in cold water or cold broth and cook into porridge., Put the vegetables after cooking, turn off the heat after boiling, and take it warm.

Remind that green vegetables should be added when the porridge is eight or nine to reduce nutrient damage.

  2. Nuts, orange peel porridge, sweet almonds, pine nuts and sesame 5 grams each, fresh Sichuan orange peel 10 grams, 50 grams of rice, sugar.

Shred the orange peel, fry the almonds, pine nuts and sesame and fry it with the orange peel, then remove the slag and take the juice, then add the rice porridge, add the sugar and sprinkle a small amount of fried nuts on the porridge to serve.Baby with full chest and abdomen and constipation.

  -The good idea for your baby to eat whole grains 1.

Add some millet, beans, etc. to rice when making rice; add some corn flour or soy flour to flour when making pasta, and often eat some sweet potatoes for your baby, you can complement the nutrition of grain and plant proteineffect.


When arranging a whole grain diet, carry out comprehensive nutrition swaps, and diversified supplements can motivate the baby’s enthusiasm for eating. If the baby does not like noodles, he can make pancakes, and the nutrients in the same type of food are roughly similar.


When washing the rice, you should properly clean it according to the cleanliness of the rice. Do not rinse with running water, do not wash with hot water, and do not rub hard with your hands. Generally, rice has the least nutritional loss by steaming or cooking.


Steaming or braising is the best way to make pasta.

When flour, bread, buns, pancakes, and other foods are used, nutrients are lost the least.The vitamin content in the flour itself is reduced, and it is not easily absorbed by the baby’s initialization. The cooking method of steaming and baking can replace this regret of insufficient nutrition.


Make noodle soup as much as possible. Don’t fry pasta with oil, especially corn flour.

If corn flour is made into corn paste, small nests or tortillas, put some baking soda in it when you make it. The food you make is easy to digest.

  -The conditioning effect of whole grains on other diseases1. Rice, also known as previous rice, has the functions of tonifying qi, strengthening the spleen and stomach, and eliminating thirst.

The climate is dry in spring and autumn. Give the baby some rice porridge sooner or later, which can keep the baby away from the dry dust.

  2. Millet, also known as millet, has the effects of strengthening the spleen and stomach, and is suitable for spleen and stomach deficiency, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and physically weak infants after illness.

When millet porridge, a layer of delicate sticky substance floats on it, commonly known as “rice oil”.

Chinese medicine believes that rice oil is extremely rich in nutrition and has the strongest nourishing power. There is a statement that “rice oil can substitute for ginseng soup”.

Babies with persistent diarrhea are more suitable for long-term cooking of millet porridge, which is very helpful for restoring tandem digestive function.

  3, wheat Wheat has the effect of strengthening the spleen and kidney, nourishing the heart and soothe the nerves. Wheat bran contains high dietary fiber, which has an intervention effect on baby constipation.

  4. Corn has the effects of strengthening the spleen and dampness, appetizing and nourishing, and promoting blood circulation.

American scientists have also found that eating corn can stimulate brain cells and enhance people’s memory. Eating more corn can improve the baby’s internal function and help intellectual development.

  5. Indica, also known as indica, has the effects of strengthening the spleen, strengthening the lungs, and clearing heat and dampness. Its protein is much higher than that of rice, its surface is high, and it is easy to digest and absorb.

  6, sorghum sorghum has the role of spleen and stomach.

For children with indigestion, take an appropriate amount of sorghum into the pan and stir-fry, remove the shell and flour, and take 2-3 grams each time to increase the digestive capacity.

However, sorghum is warm and contains acid that has astringent and antidiarrheal effects. It is not suitable for babies when they are constipated.

  7. Soybean Soybean has the effect of strengthening the spleen and replenishing qi, and those with weak spleen and stomach should eat it regularly.

Soy products made from soy beans such as tofu, soy milk, etc. are also medicinal.

It can broaden the qi, clear the heat and disperse the blood, and is especially suitable for babies with phlegm, heat, asthma, cold and exogenous feelings, and sore throat.

  8, barley barley is sweet, salty, cold, and has the effect of stomach, wide intestine, and water, can help treat baby food stagnation and diarrhea, urination, edema, scald.

  9, bitter gourd In the hot summer, babies are more likely to get angry than adults, and give them more bitter melon.

In addition to vegetarian stir-fried paste or soup, it helps the baby to eliminate heat or prevent heat stroke, asthma, sore throat, and bloated skin.

  10, black fungus black fungus is soft and thick, not greasy to eat, delicious and delicious, if you can often eat it can bring out the toxins in the interior, but also reduce blood viscosity.

Now many babies are overweight, eat more black fungus in the diet and have headaches. They can prevent cardiovascular disease from an early age.

  11. Baby carrots need more carotene for growth and development than adults, which helps the body to synthesize more vitamin a.

Vitamin a can help babies improve their anti-infective power, especially to prevent various respiratory infections.

  12, jujube, lotus seeds, carrots and other foods are fully nutritious, at the same time can help the baby spleen and stomach, and improve the ability to digest and absorb nutrients.

Shangshi analgesic cream is more than pain relief for external use

Shangshi analgesic cream is more than “pain relief” for external use

The Shangshi Analgesic Cream has the effects of expelling wind and analgesics, relieving muscles and promoting blood circulation.
It is used clinically for rheumatic pain, joint pain, shoulder and back pain, bruises and other diseases.
在临床实践中,人们发现伤湿止痛膏还有不少新用途:  治急性咽炎 以喉结为中心,将伤湿止痛膏敷于局部,并自行揉按喉结两旁,无明显效果者6小时更换伤Wet analgesic cream 1 time.
According to clinical observations, nearly 80% of patients have obvious effects after taking the drug once, and can obtain significant results after taking the drug twice.
During the medication, do not eat fatty fatty and spicy products.
  治慢性咽炎 用温水冼净颈前皮肤,擦干后将伤湿止痛膏贴在天突穴(即喉结上方的凹陷处),隔日换药1次,3次为1疗程,最短者2个疗程, The longest is 5 courses with an average of 3.

5 courses.
After clinical verification, the cure rate (normal pharyngeal examination, symptoms disappeared, no recurrence after 1 year follow-up) was 79.
7%; 14 cases were markedly effective (slight redness of the pharynx and cheeks, reduction of hyperplasia of lymphatic follicles in the posterior pharyngeal wall, and disappearance of symptoms).

8%; effective (significant reduction in symptoms, no improvement in pharyngeal examination) accounted for 3.
9%; total effective rate can reach 96.

  Treatment of bronchitis The wound dampness analgesic cream has a good effect on bronchitis.
Apply wound dampness analgesic plaster to bilateral Feishu acupoints (the lower sides of the spinous process of the third thoracic spine on the back), once a day, for 12 hours each time, 3 times for a course of treatment.
At the same time, penicillin is administered daily to 50,000-100,000 units / kg of body weight, divided into 2-4 intramuscular injections; those with heart failure are given heart-strengthening agents; those who have difficulty breathing have oxygen, and those who have fever receive antipyretics.
The total effective rate for clinical treatment is 92.

5%; almost one quarter of the cases were effective once.
  Treatment of mumps Apply the wound dampness analgesic cream to the affected area and change the dressing once a day until it is cured.
According to the patient’s condition, it is better to assist oral medication when necessary.
  Treating infant diarrhea Treating patients with mild infant diarrhea (simple indigestion) with Shangshi Analgesic Cream or Xiaoyan Analgesic Cream has better effect.
Method: Cut the dampness and analgesic ointment or anti-inflammatory analgesic ointment into 4 cm x 4 cm squares.
Apply the medicine to the center of the navel of the child and change the medicine twice a day.
This method is not suitable for severe infants with diarrhea (toxic indigestion), fever, dehydration and poisoning symptoms.
  Treatment of neurodermatitis First apply dexamethasone ointment to the affected area, and after the ointment is absorbed, apply the wound dampness analgesic ointment on it. The lighter person changes the dressing once a day, and the serious person changes the dressing 2 times a day.
Generally, 3-5 days can get obvious results.
Prednisone tablets, vitamin B1 tablets, and vitamin C tablets can also be sprinkled on the paste and applied to the affected area once a day.
  Treatment of skin warts Take the wet damp pain cream to the flat wart, common wart or molluscum contagiosum, and change it every 36 hours, usually 2-3 times.
A few large, long-term warts are applied 4-5 times.
The average cure time is about a week.
If it is a single scattered wart, the plaster can be cut into spots and applied to the affected area.
After applying the plaster, the wart body atrophied and dried up, and finally shedding completely without leaving any traces.
  治疗鸡眼 用热水局部浸泡鸡眼5-10分钟后拭干,剪取伤湿止痛膏贴于鸡眼上,早、晚各浸贴1次,揭去胶布后,适当剪去已软化无活性的胼胝Layer, high cure rate.
  Treatment of medical miscellaneous diseases 1.
For those with headache, stick the wet cream on the temples on both sides (the depression behind the outer tip of the eyebrow), which can relieve headache, especially for the treatment of cold and headache.
  2.Hypertension caused headache, dizziness sticking to Yongquan point (plantar palms).
  3.If you have nausea or vomiting due to motion sickness (boat) or gastrointestinal dysfunction, irritable bowel syndrome manifests bloating, abdominal pain, bowel sounds, morning diarrhea, etc., you can stick the bilateral Neiguan acupoints (the center of the forearm, the lateral side of the wrist, and the wrist side2 horizontal fingers on the line), Shenque acupoint (navel).  4.
Simple diarrhea and bloating caused by indigestion can be applied to the Zusanli acupoint of the double calf (3 inches below the outer knee, and a horizontal finger outside the anterior condyle of the left and right bones) and Shenque acupoint.


Stomach pain can be applied to Ashi acupoint on the left side of the upper abdomen below the xiphoid, which has a good analgesic effect on stomach pain.

  6.Treatment of asthma: When applying the medicine, the patch is locally washed and dried, and a commercially available wound damp pain cream 4 cm × 4 cm is applied to the Feishu acupoints on both sides of the spine, which is replaced once every 12 hours, and after a 2 hour restrepeat.

  However, there are contraindications to the wound dampness analgesic cream, such as pregnant women, allergic to adhesive plasters, skin erosion and leakage, and those with trauma and suppuration, should not be used.

Shangshi Analgesic Cream for Mud Treatment.

Test: how to smooth out tempered colleagues

Test: how to smooth out tempered colleagues

David is feeling very depressed recently. One project he is responsible for needs to be completed in cooperation with another department, and a young girl works directly with him.

Because they often discuss together, it is inevitable that there will be some friction, and the bad is bad. Every time there is a disagreement, the girl will show a very unhappy look, and sometimes even get angry with him in the office.

David kept admonishing himself to be patient, but found that it seemed to be getting worse.

What would you do if you were David?

A, next time this happens again, sternly warn her and let her know that you are not bullying.

B, find a chance to talk with her alone, ask her to pay attention to C in the future, do n’t care about her, if you still encounter this situation, calmly discuss with her, analyze A, your current professional maturity is not very high!!

But it’s not to say that in the office, when we meet those unreasonable people, we must be patient!

In the office, it is never advisable to be a lamb slaughtered by anyone.

When someone loses his temper, the atmosphere in the office is immediately embarrassing. Do n’t think that the person who came over to persuade you is toward you. It is a reflection of your career. For the sake of quietness, people may not be annoying.

If you think about it, deliberately losing your temper is nothing more than expecting two effects. One is the strong resolution of job differences, and the other is what people often say.

Therefore, before you lose your temper, you may wish to take a few more deep breaths, calm down and think clearly. In the end, your temper is to achieve a certain effect. You must learn to think in other places.

Here are some tips for you in the workplace: Settle work differences, persuade and communicate most effectively; calm and peaceful in case of incidents will only show your maturity and weight, and think and promotion will follow.

  B, your professional maturity is not bad, but you need to remind you that for those who are more real about things or have a more irritable personality, losing temper is a habit for her.

It is unrealistic to expect to solve the problem with one communication, and this time the communication is smooth, but when encountering similar situations again, her habits will naturally emerge.

In fact, the way to solve the habit problem is to cultivate another habit. Pay more attention to the way when communicating with her. When friction occurs, try to use her emotions to drive her.

Being able to control your emotions is a sign of strength, culture, and professional maturity. You will surely win the respect of your boss and colleagues.

  C, it seems your professional maturity is still quite high!

You know, blind quarrels are definitely not a good solution.

You also understand that only by communicating well with colleagues can conflicts and conflicts be resolved.

You know that it is extremely difficult for an isolated person to do a good job and have no good work mood.

An enterprise is an organization, and teamwork is everything. You can adapt to the rules of the game, so you can be a winner in the workplace.

How to protect against dengue fever

How to protect against dengue fever

Recently, the dengue fever epidemic was severe. On the 23rd, Guangdong Province reported 881 cases of dengue fever. As of 04:00 on September 24, 2014, a total of 7497 cases of dengue fever were reported in 17 prefectures in Guangdong this year, which gradually decreased by several.1263.


In addition, 3 death cases were reported gradually in Guangdong province.

However, there is currently no specific treatment for dengue fever, and symptomatic treatment and supportive therapy are mainly used. Experts remind the public that it is best to prevent dengue fever and protect against dengue fever in advance.

How to protect yourself from dengue fever Dengue is a completely preventable disease. The key to prevention is to prevent mosquitoes and mosquitoes, and avoid mosquito bites.

Relevant precautions are as follows: 1. It is best to change the water in containers such as vases at home once every 5-7 days. Pay attention to cleaning up water storage containers that are prone to breed mosquitoes and other places.

2. Cover water storage containers, wells and water storage tanks.

3. Fill out all the sunken areas on the ground to prevent water accumulation.

4. If the room does not have air-conditioning equipment, mosquito nets or mosquito nets should be installed.

5. Use household insecticides to kill adult mosquitoes, and follow the packaging instructions to use appropriate amounts.

6. Avoid staying in the “spotted mosquito” in the shade of trees, bushes, gazebos and other outdoor places.

7, consult your doctor in time when you suspect that you have dengue fever.

How can tourists protect against dengue? Dengue fever often occurs in tropical and subtropical areas.

To travel to areas with dengue fever in Southeast Asia, etc. To prevent being bitten by mosquitoes, long-sleeved clothes and trousers should be worn, and anti-mosquito drugs should be applied to exposed skin and clothing.

If you have symptoms such as sudden fever, orbital pain, muscle pain in the head, joints, or rash after returning from travel, you should go to the hospital in time.

The most effective and cost-effective beauty beauty beauty method

The most effective and cost-effective “beauty beauty” beauty method

Getting enough sleep is the most effective and cost-effective maintenance method.
Modern women seem to lack sleep. In fact, sleep is very important for a person’s body and beauty. It can be said that any cosmetics and diet are not as effective as sleep for skin health.
  Work pressure is high, sometimes even though I feel tired, what can I do if I can’t sleep or sleep properly?
So, let’s share the beauty formula of “Sleeping Beauty” now.
  Now a very popular phrase: “I’m going to sleep my beauty sleep.
“It doesn’t seem to be popular for no reason. Adequate sleep is the most effective and cost-effective maintenance method.
Modern women seem to lack sleep. In fact, sleep is very important for a person’s body and beauty. It can be said that any cosmetics and diet are not as effective as sleep for skin health.
  Achieve perfect “beauty sense” 觉 Reasonable skin rest can promote skin cell division.
During the day, the most vigorous time for skin metabolism is in the evening, especially around 10pm to 2am.
If you get better sleep at this time, you can speed up skin metabolism and delay skin aging.
Don’t miss sleep at night, especially from 10pm to 2am.
If you miss it, you are missing a good time for skin metabolism.
Clean your skin before going to bed, otherwise dirt will clog your pores, your blood wo n’t reach the surface of your skin, and your skin wo n’t get enough rest.
Do not sleep with makeup overnight. Cosmetics can bring a burden and tension to the skin, and dry the skin, which is not conducive to a full rest.
Give your skin adequate nutrition.
The skin that has been cleaned and maintained before bedtime has a particularly strong absorption power. Therefore, before bedtime is a good time to provide skin nutrition, you can apply some nutrition cream such as night cream.
Get enough sleep.
When you sleep, relax and fall asleep, do not stay up late, because staying up late is the most likely to promote skin fatigue and aging.
Massage your face gently before going to bed.
Gradually massage from the center of the face to the surrounding area to accelerate blood circulation in the face and promote metabolism.
Keep proper humidity in your room before going to bed.
Moderate moisture in the air can ensure that the skin is not too dry. You can use a humidifier to add water vapor to the air.

I only want to kill my parents for the internet

I only want to kill my parents for the internet

Ms. Zhang’s son Xiaodong (pseudonym) is 14 years old. He is in the second grade of junior high school. At a young age, he has been over two years old. He is a leading figure in many online games. However, in real life, XiaodongGo online and make multiple transfers, and sever ties with your parents.

  Ms. Zhang quietly bought some books on psychological counseling. After comparing her son’s performance with the phenomena listed in the book, she felt that her son’s performance was caused by Internet addiction and adolescent rebellion.Together, they lead to such abnormal rebellions.

  The mother was busy fighting SARS. The son fell into the Internet. Xiaodong’s initial Internet access should return to the time when SARS was raging in 2003. As a doctor, Ms. Zhang was sent to Shanghai by the hospital to study for two months. Her husband was also very busy at that time.As a child in charge of air traffic control, Xiaodong is like a wild horse that has lost her head, plunging her head into an online game.

  At the end of May, Ms. Zhang returned to Jinan from Shanghai. At that time, she hadn’t noticed that her child was hooked on the Internet.

On the day of “June 1st,” Xiaodong told his mother to go to school to participate in a cultural performance, so that his mother should not go to him.

Coincidentally that day, Ms. Zhang had something to look for her son, but she searched the school and her fellow scholars, but she didn’t see her son. Finally, she picked her son out of the Internet cafe near the school.

  Since the lie was revealed by his mother, Xiaodong has been on the Internet unscrupulously.

Every day when I get home, I do n’t take off my shoes, so I jump on the computer. After playing for three or four days, my mother arranged a small dining table near the school. Xiaodong did n’t go at all.

  In two months, Xiaodong’s academic performance dropped from the top ten in the class to the fourth last. His parents were so anxious that Xiaodong didn’t care. He had to take the exam the next day. He stayed in the room the night before.Play “Legend” and yell at the parents’ door while playing; “Bring me a knife and a gun!”

“Through Xiaodong’s Internet addiction is getting heavier, Ms. Zhang and his wife found in horror that the filial son had changed, and his temper became more and more surly, even unreasonable.

14-year-old Xiaodong is close to 1.

8 meters, weighing nearly 200 pounds, more powerful than an adult guy, whenever his parents advise him not to go online, Xiaodong will squint his eyes, exposing a fierce light.

  The son had never been particular about eating and dressing, but now it looks like he has become a person. As long as his parents’ dishes are a bit out of taste, he dumps the entire plate of dishes into the trash. No one in the family wants to eat.

Even later, in order to surf the Internet, his son asked his parents to pay him dozens of dollars a month. If the parents dare to say “no”, he would raise his fists and hit his parents.

  For two years, Xiaodong had a big fight with his parents almost every day. Later, Xiaodong simply did not call his mother for one year, and did not recognize his parents.

Every holiday or weekend, other people’s families are happy and happy, but Ms. Zhang’s family is full of sorrow. After one year, Ms. Zhang is going crazy.

  One day, Ms. Zhang again persuaded her son to focus on his studies, and unexpectedly Xiaodong rushed to the kitchen like crazy and raised a kitchen knife to his parents: “I slaughter you!

“Ms. Zhang feels like the sky is falling-what’s the point of living with such a child!

  The idea of revenge was revealed in the son’s composition. By the second grade, Xiaodong had become the worst student in the class. He was arguing with his parents to change to another school. The parents looked for trustees and found a few expensive private boarding schools.

  After the son was gone, Ms. Zhang was in a pile of books that were thrown to the ground, and accidentally saw her son’s article composition, translated as “2004, My Sweet and Sour”. In the composition, Ms. Zhang saw her son write this sentence: 2004 was my turning point. I used to be oppressed by my parents. Now they are finally afraid of me. Although I am not happy, I am pursuing it.

Holding the composition, Ms. Zhang burst into tears and loved his son so much. He bought him whatever he wanted. Why did his son think his parents didn’t love him?

  This essay reminded Ms. Zhang of her son ‘s past. Sometimes when she went to work the night shift, she would see that her 8-year-old son had cooked a bowl of instant noodles with ham sausage and poached eggs on it., The son will bring a basin of water to wash his mother’s feet; sometimes, he will scoop out a handful of seeds to hold the mother to eat.

  Ms. Zhang remembered that because she was very busy working with her husband, the son had been with grandparents in the field before he was 5 years old. The son had repeatedly asked her many times: “Why did you give me away since you were young?I?

“When the son was just obsessed with online games, the child came home to play, forcibly deleted the” Legend “game on the computer, and the son cried and made noise.

舅舅 I kicked my son because of a little thing, and my mother helped her smash her son again. Since then, Ms. Zhang found out that her son is surfing the Internet like crazy and hate his parents.

  ”Mommy does not love me, let her uncle beat me, one day I will come back in the future.

“” Mom knew let me learn, and I also love to play. She was so busy all day, did you experience my psychological feelings? ”

“Reading her son’s diary, Ms. Zhang remembered again that when her son had a bad test score and ridiculed him repeatedly, his son gritted his teeth with tears in his eyes.

  Adolescent children are more susceptible to Internet addiction. Xiao Dong only stayed in that boarding school for 10 days and ran back without permission. He said that the school was too chaotic and he didn’t want to go to school anymore.

  This time, Ms. Zhang did not force her son to study. She asked her grandfather to take him to travel abroad for more than ten days. After returning, her son really had less Internet access.

  One day after the Spring Festival, Xiaodong suddenly said, “I want to go to school in the countryside, and I want to go to hardships.

Mrs. Zhang looked at her son in surprise, Xiaodong still said in his usual rebellious tone: “Aren’t you looking for a psychiatrist to see me?”

I just got sick and got neurotic!

“Ms. Zhang also placed her son in a rural school in Changqing District, Jinan City.

Before sending her children to school, Ms. Zhang paid a special visit to the school. She said to the teacher sincerely: “Children are addicted to the Internet. When they were studying in the previous school, the child had achieved grades, and the teacher criticized him.The child finds a sense of belonging. I hope that you can always praise and praise him so that he can find his self-esteem.

Sending her son away, Ms. Zhang exhaled as if he had recovered from a serious illness.

Speaking of which, Ms. Zhang glanced out like a bow-struck bird. Xiaodong only walked for a few days. She was afraid that her son would run back like last time. In this battle between mother and Internet for her son, Ms. Zhang did not know who was the lastWinner.

Six ways to improve female endocrine disorders

Six ways to improve female endocrine disorders

When you notice that your skin is getting worse, your temper is bad, your menstrual cycle is abnormal, etc., your endocrine may be disturbed.

So what can women do to improve their endocrine disorders?

Let’s take a closer look.

  1. Do n’t stay up late, stay up late often staying up late will disrupt the normal biological rhythm of the human body, cause discord between qi and blood, disrupt the balance of various hormones, and cause endocrine disorders.

  2, if you have more baths, if you have the conditions, it is recommended to buy a bathtub, bubble bath when you have time, bathing can expand blood vessels and pass fatigue.

  3. Do a massage. When the body feels tired or uncomfortable, a simple massage can promote blood circulation, speed up metabolism, and help to eliminate toxins from the body and maintain health forever.

  4. Eat more soybeans Soy beans contain a lot of phytoestrogens, which is very helpful for regulating female hormone levels.

  5, try to eat less fast food. In fact, many of the fast food we usually eat are wrong, so it is easy to cause human nutrition imbalance, leading to endocrine disorders.

  6. Doing exercise every day can promote qi and blood reconciliation, make people healthy, and feel good.