[Farmhouse homemade bean paste practice _ rural bean paste practice Daquan]

[Farmhouse homemade bean paste practice _ rural bean paste practice Daquan]

Douban sauce is a condiment that contains both color and aroma, and we often use it in life.

For example, to make mapo tofu, braised duck, stir-fried cabbage and other foods, you can add a little bean paste, which can be said to be suitable for vegetarian food.

Nowadays, if you look closely at the watercress sauce on the market, you can see that the color is really red, so some people have suggested that it is not healthy to add color.

So, how does the farmer make homemade bean paste?

First, the raw material preparation: Erjing strip chili: The best selection of fresh and high-quality mature Erjing strip chili for the production of Lixian Douban, its taste is moderate and spicy.

Mold Douban: If you want to make an authentic Shexian Douban, one of the least things is this.

They are all sold in the market. If they are not available locally, the method for making mildew watercress will be attached at the end of the article.

Salt: Generally iodized salt can be used.

Second, the production method steps: 1.

Pickling mildew watercress 1) Wash the purchased mildew watercress, pick out the bad part, and drain.

When washing the watercress, you can use an appropriate amount of white wine, which can quickly remove the moldy hairs of the mold watercress.

(The mold on the mold watercress can also be washed without traditional washing.) 2) Pour an appropriate amount of soy sauce into the drained mold watercress and marinate until the watercress becomes soft. The time is usually 3-4 days.


Fresh peppers made from salted peppers. Fresh red wattle red peppers are removed, washed, crushed, and added with a certain proportion (18% -20%) of salt.


Mixed fermentation: Add 10% to 15% of the proportion of salted peppers, add the pickled mold petals, and add 30% of the edible salt of the mold petals. After mixing, ferment naturally.Sun, dew “, 3-6 months.

Note that it can only be stirred once a day in the morning.

If you have a special preference for Douban taste, you can add about 2% of peppercorns, about 1% of star anise, cinnamon, white buckle and other commonly used spices.


After storing the bean paste, it can be bottled and stored, then poured into vegetable oil sealed bottles.

You can make a delicious Sichuan flavor with a spoonful when cooking.

Attachment: Production method of mildew watercress Material: dried broad beans (dried peas) Steps: 1. Soak the dried broad beans in water, then peel the broad bean skin.

At least soak for a night, until the heart.

2. Wash soaked broad bean petals and drain water.

3. Wash the dust in advance, dry it, and spread a layer of pumpkin leaves or leaves, then spread the drained broad bean petals evenly, and then cover them with pumpkin leaves or leaves.

Either a bamboo bed or hoe.

4. Put the pancake pan in a cool place to ferment until the broad bean petals are full of Mucor.

5. To make bean paste in the season, you can mix the broad bean paste directly into the chili sauce and mix it with a small amount of white wine.

6, if the season is not used up, you can dry the mold watercress in the sun, then put it in a glass container and keep it sealed. It can be used again in the next year.

[How to make ribs and mung bean soup]_Home made ribs and mung bean soup_How to make ribs and mung bean soup_How to make ribs and mung bean soup

[How to make ribs and mung bean soup]_Home made ribs and mung bean soup_How to make ribs and mung bean soup_How to make ribs and mung bean soup

Only when we see food with full color and aroma can we arouse our appetite, and then we need to have full color and fragrance, and of course we must often practice cooking and improve our cooking skills.

Today I will provide you with a chance to cook. Come and learn the practice of pork rib mung bean soup!


Simple raw materials.


Pork ribs into cold water, put a few slices of ginger, a few peppercorns, stewed with wine.


After the water boils, remove the foam.


Remove the ribs and drain.


Put some grease in the pan, add the ribs, and sprinkle some salt to fry the golden sides.


Rinse the casserole and add the mung beans soaked two hours in advance.


Pour in the fried pork ribs, add cold water, and remove the foam again after opening.


Add ginger slices and cover with low heat and simmer.

5 hours.


Add the right amount of salt and chicken essence before boiling.

It seems unrealistic to leave your mother’s uncle to cook and cook alone.

But now that you know how to make ribs and mung bean soup, you can really make it yourself. This is delicious and healthy.

[Correct handling method of squid head]_How to handle_How to handle

You can’t do it, you can’t do it, you can’t do it, you can’t do it, you can’t do it, you can’t do it, you can’t do it, you can’t do it吇浠峰€煎緢楂橈紝姣斿鍚湁涓板瘜鐨勭墰纾洪吀鍜岄珮搴︿笉楗卞拰鑴傝偑閰镐互鍙婂惈鏈夐挋銆侀搧绛夊厓绱狅紝瀹冭兘澶熷彲鏈夋晥鍑忓皯琛€绠″鍐呮墍绱Н鐨勮儐鍥洪唶锛屽浜庨闃茶绠$‖鍖栥€佽儐缁撶煶鐨勫舰鎴愰兘棰囧叿鏁堝姏銆傚悓鏃惰兘琛ュ厖鑴戝姏銆侀闃茶€佸勾鐥村憜鐥囩瓑鍔熸晥锛屽鏋滄妸瀹冨仛鎴愯彍锛屼篃鏄潪甯稿彲鍙g殑锛屽畠鍙互鍋氭垚閾佹澘楸块奔銆佽荆鐐掗笨楸笺€佸瓬鐒堕笨楸肩瓑锛岄偅涔堥棶棰樻潵浜嗭紝楸块奔澶磋鎬庝箞澶勭悊鍛紵鎯冲悆浣嗕笉浼氬鐞嗭紝鏄緢澶氫汉閬囧埌鐨勫洶鎭硷紝涓嬮潰缁欏ぇ瀹朵粙缁嶄笅楸块奔澶寸殑澶勭悊鏂规硶銆?1 Adorable, stupid, shoulder-to-shoulder?Do you have a chain that is stupid and chubby?00 嬬 槠 覬 傑 殑 姑姑 軑 軑 軑 軑 軑 尊 尊 凍 燂 麴 鐒 淺 淗 欗 槒 姽  鏀 尺 娓 對 倏 透透 小 嚏 嚏 嚏 嚏鍏傜敤鍒€鍦ㄩ奔鑳屼笂鍒掍袱鍒€锛岀敤鎵嬫崗浣忛笨楸肩殑涓夎鑴戣鍚戜笅鎷夛紝杩欐牱灏辫兘鎶婇笨楸艰儗涓婄殑鐨媺鎺夈€傛渶鍚庯紝鍐嶆妸楸块奔鍏朵粬閮ㄤ綅鐨勭毊鍓ユ帀锛岃繖鏍峰氨鍙互浜嗐€?Are you so stupid?鍏跺疄锛屽湪涓婅堪鍘荤毊鐨勮繃绋嬩腑锛岃繖涓€姝ラ灏卞悓鏃跺畬鎴愮殑浜嗐€傚洜涓虹粰楸块奔鍘荤毊鐨勬椂I ‘m going to make a decision about how to identify the block and the block, and how to do it, how to do it, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on?What’s the difference? What is the difference? What is the difference? What is it? What is it? What is it? What is it? What is it?3: Do you have a stupid shoulder?棣栧厛锛岄笨楸艰Е瑙掔殑灏忓惛鐩樹笂閮芥湁涓€涓竴涓殑灏忓渾鈥滃鏂欏湀鈥濓紝瑕佹尐涓Е瑙掓捀锛屾妸杩欎簺鈥滃鏂欏湀鈥濇捀鎺夈€傛竻鐞嗗畬瑙﹁灏辫鍓槾宸存尋鐪肩潧浜嗭紝杩欐槸鏈€鎭跺績鐨勬楠ゃ€備粩缁嗙殑鍓紑楸块奔鐨勮剳琚嬶紝鐒跺悗鎽樻帀楸块奔鐨勫槾鍜屼袱涓溂鐝犮€?Are you stupid and stupid?镄勮块奔镄勮韩浣揿緢濂芥竻鐞嗭纴鑳屼笂链変竴镙归昵闀跨殑’滃鏂欑墖撅紝涓€鎶藉氨鎶藉嚭鏉ヤ簡銆傜劧鍚庣敤鍓垁鎶婇笨楸肩殑鑲氬瓙鍓紑锛屽氨鎴愪簡涓€澶х墖锛屽啿娲椾竴涓嬪氨骞插噣浜嗐€?5: Do you have a block?杩欎竴姝ュ緢濂藉姙锛岃Е瑙掑垏鎴愭锛岃剳琚嬪垏鎴愬潡锛岃韩瀛愬垏鑺卞垁鎴栬€呭垏涓濄€傝嚦姝わ紝鏁翠釜楸块Ben Zuo 傊 瀹 瀾 垚 銆?

Shenma shares (600810): Nylon 66 spread continued to narrow EPS0 in the first half.68 yuan

Shenma shares (600810): Nylon 66 spread continued to narrow EPS0 in the first half.68 yuan
Event: The company announced the 2019 semi-annual report and operating data for the first half of the year: reported and realized revenue 64.99 trillion, the same increase of 13.10%; net profit attributable to mother 3.00 trillion, with a decrease of 21.26%; 2 after deduction.9.7 billion yuan, a decrease of 23.60%; operating net cash flow 8.7.5 billion, an increase of 59.01%, EPS0.68 yuan, ROE8.98%, a decrease of 4 per year.95 points.Company single Q2 achieved revenue of 30.2 billion, a decrease of 13 from the previous month.18%, realizing net profit attributable to mother 1.1.4 billion, a decrease of 38.93%. Comments: In the first half of 2019, due to the sluggish demand in the automotive and other end markets, the price of PA66 changed from the high point of 2018, and the average slice market price in the first half of 2019 was 30617 yuan / ton, equivalent to a decrease of 17.6%.Customs data shows that the price of raw materials imported adiponitrile has increased in 2018 under the oligopoly.Although the company’s operating data show that in the first half of 19, industrial silk / cord cloth / nylon 66 chips increased by 26 each year on average.54%, 17.01% and 4.05%, but the average purchase price of raw material nylon 66 salt increased by 30 in advance.79%.From the perspective of product sales, industrial yarns remained stable, with cord and nylon 66 chips separated by 15 each.5% and 8.8%.Slicing the market boom, Shenma Engineering Plastics achieved net profit1.21.7 billion, while the joint venture nylon chemical company achieved net profit2.1.27 million yuan, investment income has improved.From the perspective of cost control, the period expense ratio is 6.28%, a reduction of 0 per year.43pct, 武汉桑拿洗浴会所 basically stable. The project under construction is progressing smoothly: It is reported that the main equipment installation of the first phase project (2 plan) of the Shenma cord fabric company’s differentiated industrial silk project is basically completed; the first phase of the Henan Shenma Nylon nylon 10 nylon nylon 6 civilian silk project (annual output4 Screen spinning project) The main equipment is being installed; the target equipment of Zhongping Shenma Jiangsu with an annual output of 3 nylon membrane 66 chip project has arrived and installed. Earnings forecast, forecast and rating: Based on the PA66 ratio, the high point of 2018 has improved, and the price of raw material nylon 66 salt has been raised.Profit forecast for 2021, estimated net profit is 4 respectively.92/5.39/6.40 ppm (previous value 7).09/7.99/8.4.5 billion); EPS are 0.86, 0.94 and 1.11 yuan, corresponding to the latest closing price of PE is 9 times, 8 times and 7 times. The downturn in downstream demand for downstream vehicles and other short-term uncertain improvements will affect the prosperity of nylon 66, downgraded to “overweight” level. Risk reminder: Changes in overseas giants’ pricing strategies; tight supply of diner and affecting output.

BTG Hotel (600258): The decline in the occupancy rate has been narrowed compared with the previous quarter.

BTG Hotel (600258): The decline in the occupancy rate has been narrowed compared with the previous quarter.
Event: The company released its semi-annual report for 2019 and achieved revenue of 39 in the first half.90 ppm / -0.3%; net profit attributable to mother 3.$ 6.8 billion / + 8.14%, net profit after deducting non-return to mother 3.3.6 billion / + 6.twenty two%. RevPAR is under pressure, the drop in occupancy rates has narrowed sequentially, and core product upgrades have continued to advance.The company continued to renovate the existing hotels. As of the reporting period, 武汉夜生活网 the company has completed Home NEO3.0 286 companies were transformed, and core products continued to be upgraded.Due to the upgrading and renovation of closed stores and existing stores, the company’s direct-operated hotel business revenue fell by 2 as well.72%, franchise business continued to grow, realizing annual revenue growth of 9%.98%, supporting the company’s overall revenue is basically flat, new property renewal will definitely reduce the increase in revenue and increase in cost. As Q2RevPAR continues to weaken, each decline is affected by -3.0% increased to -3.6%, but the same-storey average house price adjustment led to a narrower decline in occupancy rate, occupancy rate changes from -2 each time.5 points.Shrink to -2.One, in the second half of the year, the background of the low tourism season overlaps with 杭州桑拿网 the peak tourist season, and operating data is expected to welcome marginal improvement. Accelerate the mid-to-high-end market layout and multi-brand rich product lines.At present, the company has opened 4,117 hotels and 39 opened rooms.800,000 rooms.In terms of the number of stores, mid- to high-end hotels accounted for 18.3%, the number is still below the level of peers (35% in Jinjiang, 36% in Huazhu).At the end of June, the company successively launched mid-to-high-end brands “Yiyue” (Partners Hyatt) and “Jiahong” (Party Chunqiu). The “Yiyi” Hotel is the first phase of the strategic cooperation between the company and Hyatt.It is expected that H1 will land in Shanghai and Beijing in 2020. “Jia Hong” Hotel is committed to meeting the needs of business travel users and aviation practitioners. The first flagship store was officially opened at Hongqiao Airport at the end of June.In addition, the first affiliated company of the company, Jianguo, won the China Southern Airlines Crew Support Project for Beijing Daxing Airport. The project has more than 2,200 operating cabins, which will be the largest high-end hotel operation and management project in Beijing in the next 5 years, which will help increase the company’s market influence of high-end hotel brands.In the context of the transformation of consumption structure and the growing demand for mid-range hotels, the company has continuously upgraded and upgraded its old stores, accelerated store openings and brand cooperation to accelerate the mid-to-high-end market layout and directly drive the company’s performance growth in the future. Acceleration of store openings continued, and industry consolidation under macroscopic pressure, and the share of leading cities accelerated.The number of new stores opened by Q2 company was 159, which increased by 24 in the same period last year. The speed of store opening continued. Among the newly opened stores, 157 were franchised stores, accounting for 98.7%.There are 43 high-end and high-end stores, accounting for 27%, and the product structure tends to be reasonable. Generally, new openings in the hotel industry are concentrated in the second half of the year, and the company is expected to gradually open 800 stores.Although the short-term macro-economy is still under pressure, individual hotels are affected by operating pressures and their joining intentions are enhanced, which is conducive to the further acquisition and integration of leading hotel groups, and the concentration of the domestic hotel industry has accelerated. Investment suggestion: Considering that the company continues to promote the upgrading of its existing product structure, and accelerate the layout of mid- to high-end hotels by multiple means, overlapping and directly-operated hotels enjoy the high flexibility of the industry’s warming-up period, and promote the improvement of marginal operating data in the peak season.Accelerate concentration.We expect the company to achieve operating income of 88-2019.13, 92.69, 101.9.8 billion; net profit attributable to mothers was 9.48, 10.97, 13.1.5 billion, EPS is 0.96 yuan, 1.11 yuan, 1.33 yuan, corresponding PE is 16 respectively.44X, 14.21X, 11.85X.Maintain the “Recommended” level. Risk reminders: 1. Macroeconomic downturn 2. New store expansion slower than expected 3. Risk of franchise management

Tianshun Wind Energy (002531) Interim Report 2019: Midstream Accelerates Recovery Performance

Tianshun Wind Energy (002531) Interim Report 2019: Midstream Accelerates Recovery Performance

Matters: On August 25, the company released its 2019 Interim Report, reporting that the two companies realized operating income of 24.

77 ppm, an increase of 53 in ten years.

26%; net profit attributable to mothers3.

34 ppm, an increase of 38 in ten years.

42%, corresponding to EPS 0.

19 yuan / share; net profit after deduction 3

160,000 yuan, an increase of 41 in ten years.

79%, the company’s performance exceeded expectations.

Comments: Net profit attributable to mothers in the first half of the year 3.

34 billion increased by 38.

42%, exceeding expectations.

The company achieved operating income of 24 in the first half of the year.

77 million, an increase of 53 every year.

26%; net profit attributable to mothers3.

34 ppm, an increase of 38 in ten years.

42%, corresponding to EPS 0.

19 yuan / share; net profit after deduction 3

160,000 yuan, an increase of 41 in ten years.

79%; company performance exceeded expectations.

Wind power tower centrifugation 20.

38 each year, an increase of 21 each year.


In the first half of the year, the company’s wind tower and related products achieved operating income18.

74 million, an increase of 42 every year.

72%; gross profit margin 20.

48% for one year.

2 units.

Among them, towers achieved sales of 20.

38 growth rate, sales increase 21 every year.


Under the background of the domestic wind power recovery, the volume of the company’s towers has risen significantly; with the further rise in domestic demand, the company’s tower volume has continued to increase and accelerate.

At the same time, in 都市夜网 order to comply with the development trend of the domestic wind power industry and strengthen the competitive advantage of the main business of wind towers, the company invested in a new tower plant in Tancheng, Shandong.Device, Baotou 18 inserted, Zhuhai 10 inserted, Tancheng 10 inserted), 58 inserted.

Power generation income 2.

7.8 billion, a 78-year increase.


In the first half of the year, the company achieved power generation5.

6.8 billion degrees, sales income 2.

78 ppm, a substantial increase of 78 per year.84%, expected to contribute 1

34 ppm; gross margin of power generation business 71.

57%, an increase of 4 a year.

55 units.

View by quarter: In the first quarter, the company had 465MW in the wind farm. Due to the poor wind, the company only realized power generation1.

8.8 billion degrees, achieving sales income of 9200 million; in the second quarter, due to the addition of 50MW of Shandong Licun, 15MW of Nanyang, Henan, and improved wind in the early quarter, the company achieved power generation3.

800 million degrees, contributing sales revenue1.

8.6 billion yuan.

In the third quarter, the company continued to add a 150MW wind farm in Heze, Shandong. The company has terminated the current wind farm at 680MW, and has already approved 199 projects in hand.

4 MW.

It is expected that the company’s grid-connected scale will continue to grow steadily and increase the company’s profit.

Sales of blades and molds increased sharply by 341%, and gross profit margins increased by 3%.

35 units.

In the first half of the year, the company achieved sales revenue of blades and molds2.

5.3 billion, an increase of 341 previously.

28%; gross profit margin 29.

42%, an increase of 3 per year.

35 singles; 89 sets of blades and 13 sets of molds.

In terms of quarters, in the first quarter, the company sold 45 sets of blades and 4 sets of molds to achieve operating income1.

300 million; in the second quarter, the company achieved 44 blade sales and 9 mold sales, achieving operating income1.

2.3 billion.

The increase in blade gross profit margin is mainly due to the cost reduction brought about by the increase in productivity. At the same time, the supply of blades is relatively tight and the price is relatively better.

Maintain the company’s “strong push” rating.

We are optimistic about the logic of improving the volume of wind power components and gross profit margin under the large-scale domestic wind power rush installation cycle, and maintain that the company is expected to achieve profitability in 2019-2021.

23 ppm / 9.

72 ppm / 11.

930,000 yuan, 0 for EPS.

41 yuan / 0.

55 yuan / 0.

67 yuan, we give the company a 20 times estimate for 2019 and maintain a target price of 8.

2 yuan / share, maintain “strong push” grade.

Risk warning: domestic installed capacity is less than expected, and tower confirmation rhythm is later than expected.

Red wine beauty and heart protection women should not drink more_1

Red wine beauty and heart protection women should not drink more

Speaking of red wine, it contains a large amount of resveratrol which has reached its great health and health value, and red wine has also shown a very effective side in beauty and anti-aging and the prevention of certain cancers, making red wine now a wholeWorld fashion.

Of course, not only can red wine be consumed directly, it can also be used to make delicious desserts. Today we introduce a glass of papaya wine.

Papaya wine ingredients: 200 grams of papaya, 30 grams of red wine, 20 grams of cold water. Method: 1. Wash the papaya, peel and peel the seeds and cut into small pieces. Put most of the papaya in the blender and add a little cold water.Papaya into papaya pulp; 2, pour a small glass of red wine to awake, pour the papaya pulp into the red wine, stir and then put unbeaten papaya on top, stir well and serve immediately, and those who like sweets can be appropriateAdd a bit of caster sugar to neutralize the slightly sour and bitter taste of red wine.

First, red wine is anti-aging and anti-aging, but women are best to drink less red wine is a general term for wine, which can be divided into three categories: red wine, white wine and pink wine, which have outstanding health and health value.

Red wine is rich in vitamins, amino acids, and minerals, and moderate torsion can directly affect the nervous system of the human body and increase muscle tone.

The study also found that red wine can reduce the risk of lung cancer in men. At the same time, red wine’s unique organic compounds containing polyphenols can reduce blood lipids, inhibit necrotic cholesterol, soften blood vessels, enhance cardiovascular function and heart activity, and help preventCardiovascular diseases.

Of course, the role of red wine for women comes more from the polyphenols it contains.

Polyphenols are mostly anti-oxidants, which have a good effect of beauty and anti-aging. Among them, SOD can neutralize free radicals produced by the body, protect cells and biological organs from oxidation, and avoid spots, wrinkles, and skin relaxation.Skin is whitened and radiant.

The red controllers kindly called it as a “drinkable mask”.

However, even if there are a lot of beneficial substances in red wine, it is better for women who have no drinking habits to drink less.

This is because the ingredients containing strong oxidizing substances are not a type of red wine, but there is a positive correlation between alcohol and the incidence of diabetes. That is, no matter how much wine and what wine you drink, as long as there is alcohol, the more you drinkThe risk of terrorism is enough.

Therefore, women cannot drink red wine desperately because red wine has a prominent beauty effect. This is wrong.

Second, there is sulfur dioxide in red wine?

This is normal. As food nutrition and safety get more and more attention, more and more people start reading food labels.

Those who like to drink wine find that almost all European and American wines are marked with “sulfur dioxide”, and many consumers will inevitably feel panic: Is this kind of thing harmful in red wine?

Could this be food contamination?

But in fact, sulfur dioxide is an immeasurably important presence in the wine making process. Of course, it does not need artificial addition, but can produce itself during the brewing process, and guarantees the nutritional value and taste during the wine making process.

As long as the red wine produced by a medium-sized manufacturer is selected, the amount of sulfur dioxide can be controlled within a safe range, and consumers need not be alarmed by the “sulfur dioxide-containing” in the red wine label.

He plucked his nose hair for rhinitis

He plucked his nose hair for rhinitis

In recent days, Mr. Hao of Zhengzhou has suffered from nasal erosion, pain, and high fever.

He went to the Department of Otolaryngology of Henan Provincial People’s Hospital and was diagnosed with vestibular nasal inflammation. After careful inquiry of his medical history, Mr. Hao’s cause was that he often plucked his nose hair.

  Chief physician Zhu Youli of the department introduced that nose hairs are woven into a net in the vestibule of the nasal cavity to block dust; its cilia movement will help the nasal cavity excrete secretions; dry or cold air filtered through the nasal cavity will become warm and moist.

If the nose hair is cut too short, cold air will directly enter the pharyngeal cavity or lungs, causing irritation to tissues and organs, causing pharyngitis and bronchitis.

Without the filtering and excretion effect of nose hair, it is easy to reduce human immunity and cause upper respiratory tract infection or other diseases.

  Zhu Youli said that the diseases caused by plucking nose hair can often be encountered in the ENT clinic.

Pulling out the nose hair often destroys the structure of the hair follicle. Once the bacteria invade, it causes inflammation of the hair follicle, which leads to nasal vestibitis or nasal swelling.

Tip nose hair should not be exposed, not cut too short.

3 ways to develop your child’s self-esteem

3 ways to develop your child’s “self-esteem”

[Introduction]Self-esteem is the core part of how people view themselves, and it is the mode and measure of how we evaluate our thoughts, feelings and abilities.
Generally can be divided into healthy self-esteem and unhealthy self-esteem.
Lisa is a lawyer, but she doesn’t have enough patience to face his son Billy.
Recently, Lisa discovered that his son’s behavior had become a bit unreasonable, and Billy was particularly disgusted when his parents pointed out what was wrong with him.
The psychiatrist cautioned Lisa to take her child’s psychological needs seriously and to cultivate her health and self-esteem.
The formation of children’s healthy self-esteem is closely related to key figures such as parents, teachers and good friends.
May wish to develop a family building plan and implement it sequentially.
Objective: To shape children’s health and self-esteem through the concerted efforts of family members.
Time period: From now on until the child reaches adulthood.
Implementation steps 1. Establish a good sense of belonging Parents can have many ways to make their children understand where they belong in the family: ★ Say “I love you” to the child twice a day.
——Show “love” to your child with words and actions, and let him know that you love him because he is part of the family.
The child will understand this: You love him and care about his growth.
★ List your child’s good quality on paper, at least 3, stick it on the refrigerator, and often add it on top.
-Always affirm your child’s good behavior and let him know “I’m OK”.
Of course, you should point out bad behavior.
When you often emphasize what you like and what you don’t like, your child’s behavior will gradually change to the good side.
★ Eat and play games for the whole family.
——Enjoy as much parent-child time as possible.
Please note that serious issues should not be discussed during meals.
★ Give your child some time to talk.
——No matter how busy work is, when your child tells you, it’s best to let go of your hands and listen carefully.
Please don’t express your opinions casually, unless it is he who asks you, or something related to your child’s safety.
Note: Never make fun of or ridicule children.
The above efforts focus on daily accumulation, not overnight.
2. Learning skills and experiencing success have a good sense of belonging and identity, which will promote children’s strong thirst for knowledge.
Learning is an indispensable part of cultivating children’s healthy self-esteem, and it also needs to be developed step by step.
★ Selection: According to the child’s interest, age and ability, choose a suitable learning activity for him, drawing, playing chess, dancing, calligraphy, piano, playing basketball, swimming, and choose a certain stage.
★ Try: When you try with your child, don’t worry too much about the difficulties and dangers in the activity process, you should devote your whole heart and don’t be absent-minded.
When your child encounters difficulties, please don’t rush to arrange them instead. Let your child practice more and learn to overcome the difficulties himself.
★ A few tips: ◎ When a child learns a new skill, such as riding a bicycle, you don’t need to ask him to get on the road at first, but encourage him to practice more.
◎ When learning more complicated skills, divide it into several stages and let children see their progress.
◎ Compliment after the task is completed, let the child feel that he has the ability to learn, and then he will learn new knowledge and new skills with confidence.
3. Learn dedication and establish self-esteem. Dedication is acquired by the day after tomorrow. After mastering certain knowledge and skills, children will be more confident in contributing to the family, team and society.
★ Develop a family code.
Discuss with your child and formulate a family code. After it is written, write it down in black and white. Everyone must implement it, and they must always check and urge each other.
As a result, the child will feel that he is also contributing to the family.
★ Hold family meetings.
Having family meetings with your children often to discuss issues and issues is an effective way for children to learn to cooperate.★ Teach your children to do small things.

According to the age and ability of the child, teach him to do small things, such as: simple housework, serving grandparents, participating in public welfare activities, and so on.

As you get older, you can let your child decide what to do and how to do it.

When he finishes the work “seriously and well, please express your appreciation to him clearly.

Dedication is happy, and it has a positive effect on self-esteem.

Through the efforts of parents, children will gradually understand how to cooperate with others and take responsibility.

Four sanitary dead corners in the home need frequent cleaning

Four sanitary dead corners in the home need frequent cleaning

do you know?

The kettle handle of boiling water every day may be dirty than the computer keyboard!

The “Family Health Report 2010” announced recently announced some hidden health hazards that are easily overlooked.

Experts reminded that there should be good ways to deal with all kinds of dead spots.

  The survey’s “Family Hygiene Report 2010” involving nine countries was released recently. The report pointed out that from a global perspective, the bathroom sealant is the dirtiest place, and the interior of the refrigerator is the second most contaminated place in household hygiene. Food is placed directly on the shelfMay be contaminated.

However, the most unexpected thing is that the kettle handle for boiling water is dirtier than the computer keyboard.

  Experts analyze that this is related to people often contacting the handle of the pot without washing their hands after touching meat, poultry or vegetables without cleaning.

  Peking University Hospital doctor Zhong Xuhui pointed out that the sweltering climate in summer created good conditions for large numbers of bacteria and microorganisms to multiply, especially the dead corners at home that are easy to hide dirt and dirt.

Hygienic cleaning and inadequate disinfection are an important reason for the high incidence of various digestive and respiratory diseases in summer.

  How to clean dead corners, pillows: Oily, dusty, dandruff on the hair will stick to it.

Sleeping at night can easily suck bacteria from the pillow into the trachea.

  ◎ Solution: Wash and disinfect the pillowcase frequently, dry the pillow core and keep the hair clean.

  Second, the door handle: The door handle is particularly bacterial. If you do not wash your hands and eat after contact, it will cause diarrhea and even enteritis.

  ◎ Solution: You can reduce the dew disinfectant with water. 84 and other disinfectants are often scrubbed.

  Third, the water dispenser: If the cold drink cup touches the water outlet when the cold drink is used, the cold virus will “flow up” in a warm environment, causing the infection of the entire hot drink system.

  ◎ Solution: Regular disinfection.

  Fourth, chopping board: Some families are afraid of dust, so cover the chopping board with a wet cloth, so that the humid environment is more likely to breed bacteria.

  ◎ Solution: After using the chopping board, clean it, and then dry it upright.

Regular exposure, can also be replaced with disinfectant after scrubbing, and then rinse with water.