[How to make soil Poria mung bean and old pigeon soup]_Home soil method of soil Poling mung bean and old pigeon soup_How to make soil Poria mung bean and old pigeon soup_How to make soil Poria mung bean and old pigeon soup

[How to make soil Poria mung bean and old pigeon soup]_Home soil method of soil Poling mung bean and old pigeon soup_How to make soil Poria mung bean and old pigeon soup_How to make soil Poria mung bean and old pigeon soup

With the continuous progress of life, we have more and more requirements for food. We must eat nutritiously and eat with confidence and safety. I am the safest and safest when I cook. I will introduce you a Pork Mung Bean SoupApproach, hurry up and learn about it!


1 Wash and slice fresh Poria Poria, you can ask the stall owner to do it for you because it is very hard.


2 The pigeons were depilated and washed.


Cut the pigeons and lean meat into large pieces and wash the mung beans.


Add all the ingredients to a pot and bring to a boil, and simmer for 2 hours.


The stewed soup is seasoned with salt.

You can add chicken essence if you like.


Tasty and delicious soup.

Maybe someone in your family will make the Poria cocos mung bean soup, but I believe the method is different.

Therefore, in order to realize this difference, you should do it yourself. Only by giving yourself will you realize its value.

[Can tea lower blood pressure?Inventory of those teas with reduced blood pressure and zero impurities]_How to lower blood pressure_How to lower blood pressure

鐜板湪浜哄彛鑰侀緞鍖栨瘮渚嬭秺鏉ヨ秺楂橈紝璁稿涓€佸勾浜虹殑鐢熸椿涓嶅厜瑕佹敞鎰忛ギ椋燂紝閿荤偧韬綋锛屼篃瑕佹帶鍒惰嚜宸辩殑琛€鍘嬶紝楂樿鍘嬬殑鎮h€咃紝鍦ㄥ钩鏃跺彲浠ラ€氳繃鍠濊尪鐨勬柟娉曢The cou 庤  員 嬶 庴 Ning Ge  勮 尮 鍙 湁 湁 Drilling peak and Gong Gong 哴 唅 姳 姳 姳 姹 纴 灴 灴 珴 閍 閅 閅 閅 閅 駖Smashing: Adorable: Ordered: Admittedly?It ‘s normal, it ‘s normal, it ‘s normal, it ‘s going back in time, it ‘s not a good idea, it ‘s not working, it ‘s not a good idea.绠°€佹竻鐑В鏆戝強闄嶈鍘嬩箣鏁堛€傚悓鏃讹紝鑽峰彾杩樻槸鍑忚剛鍘昏偉涔嬭壇鑽€傛不鐤楅珮琛€How to use it? Drill down the peak and go to the top of the map. Please click on the button below. Click on the button below to tell you how to do it.2銆佽強鑺辫尪 鎵€鏈夌殑鑿婅姳搴斾负鐢樿強锛屽叾鍛充笉鑻︼紝灏や互鑻忔澀涓€甯︽墍鐢熺殑澶х櫧鑿婃垨灏忕櫧鑿婃渶浣炽€傛瘡娆$敤3鍏嬪乏鍙虫场鑼堕ギ鐢紝姣忔棩3娆★紱涔熷彲鐢ㄨ強鑺卞姞閲戦摱鑺便€佺敇鑽夊悓鐓庝唬鑼堕ギ鐢紝鍏舵湁骞宠倽鏄庣洰銆佹竻鐑В姣掍箣鐗规晥銆傚楂樿鍘嬨€佸姩鑴夌‖鍖栨偅鑰幮 湁 鏄 Donate to Xian Xuan Xuan Liao?3銆佸北妤傝尪 灞辨鎵€鍚殑鎴愬垎鍙互鍔╂秷鍖栥€佹墿寮犺绠°€侀檷浣庤绯栥€侀檷浣庤鍘嬨€傚悓鏃剁粡甯搁ギ鐢ㄥ北妤傝尪锛屽浜庢不鐤楅珮琛€鍘嬪叿鏈夋槑鏄剧殑杈呭姪鐤楁晥銆傚叾楗敤鏂规硶涓猴紝姣忓ぉ鏁版鐢ㄩ矞瀚╁北妤傛灉1~2鏋氭场鑼堕ギ鐢ㄣ€?銆 丹  雺 尺 灏 嗏  敠 敠 敓 間 閑 擑 氺 隰 鎽 树 笅 鏅 逅 共 撖 庯 纴 鐢 ㄥ 紑 姦 尾 氾 楰 楰 氕 氰 氕暟娆★紝瀵归珮琛€鍘嬫偅鑰呭叿鏈夌嫭鐗圭殑娌荤枟鏁堟灉銆傚悓鏃讹紝妲愯姳杩樻湁鏀剁缉琛€绠°€佹琛€绛夊姛鏁堛€?

[How to make Tianma Lily Pork Ribs Soup]_How to do_How to do

[How to make Tianma Lily Pork Ribs Soup]_How to do_How to do

Adding proper amount of Chinese medicinal materials to the soup with meat and bone stew can change the flavor of the soup, and also play the role of medicinal materials to enhance the efficacy of the soup. Therefore, this Tianma Lily Pork Ribs Soup is particularly suitable for the middle of summer when the weather is hot and headaches.The offender eats.

Gastrodia, ribs, lily, ginger, vinegar, monosodium glutamate, salt Step 1.

Soak the gastrodia elata, wash the ribs, put them in a casserole and boil them with cold water. Be sure to skim off the oily foam on the top. You can also pour the water and add fresh water (because some ribs are too dirty).


Then put a few drops of vinegar (this will help the calcium in the bones to stew), put a few slices of ginger (deodorized), and stew them together with Gastrodia. After the water is boiling, change to low heat and slowly simmer for half an hour, you can use chopsticks to insert itIt’s easy to insert it. Just put the lily in, then put the salt in the pot and put the chicken essence in it.

Effects of Tianma Lily Pork Ribs Soup Gastrodia is used to treat complications such as headache, dizziness, limb numbness, convulsions in children, epilepsy and convulsions, and tetanus.

Pork ribs can also add calcium, and the soup is very fragrant.

Lily has the effects of clearing fire, moisturizing the lungs, and soothing.

Op Lighting (603515): Industry demand affected by real estate tends to weaker income and accelerates growth

Op Lighting (603515): Industry demand affected by real estate tends to weaker income and accelerates growth

Core point of view: The industry demand tends to be weak, leading to the company’s revenue growth to accelerate. The company disclosed its 2019 Interim Report and the company’s operating income in 2019H137.

800 million (+7 year-on-year.

1%), net profit attributable to mother 400 million yuan (YoY + 13.

1%), net profit after deduction is 2

600 million (YoY + 1.

8%), gross profit margin 36.

1% (YoY-1.

4pct), with a net interest rate of 10.

7% (+0 year-on-year.


2019Q2 achieved operating income21.

200 million (+3 year-on-year.

4%), net profit attributable to mother 3.

200 million (+ 10% year-on-year.

7%), net profit after deducting non-return to mother 2.

200 million (YoY + 0.

3%), gross profit margin is 35.

9% (YoY-1.

3pct), net interest rate is 15.

1% (+ 1% year-on-year.


The rapid growth of income is mainly due to the weakening demand of the industry due to the impact of real estate. In 2019H1, the net growth of non-returning mothers’ net profit in 2019H1 is slower than the annual income, causing: 1) changes in accounting estimates.

According to the announcement issued by 20190423, the company changed its accounting estimates and reduced the depreciation period of production equipment; 2) Gross profit margin decreased.

Specifically, lowering the price of products; gradually reducing the increase in gross 北京夜网 profit margins and increasing the proportion of distribution channel revenues, leading to a decline in average gross profit margins.

In addition, government subsidies amounted to 84.58 million (48.19 million in the same period last year), which resulted in the increase in net profit attributable to mothers faster than that after deduction.

The commercial business grew faster than the home business sub-channel. 1) The home business: the business most affected by real estate, among which the circulation channel and online channel revenue grew faster than the retail channel.

2) Commercial business: The revenue growth is faster than the home business. The company focuses on application-side research and product development, and continuously improves its comprehensive service capabilities in industrial applications, intelligent solutions, and professional lighting design.

3) Overseas business: The overseas market layout is advancing steadily, continuously deepening localized operations and maintaining growth.

Affected by real estate in the short term, not changing the long-term growth. In the short term, the home business is affected by real estate breakthroughs, resulting in faster overall revenue growth, but the company has taken corresponding measures: to cultivate offline dealers fromThe ability to transform, continuously improve the standardization of store operations, promote the improvement of store operation efficiency, and increase revenue growth in the future.

In the long run, the rapid growth of the industry is conducive to the reshuffle of the industry and the promotion of the concentration of the lighting industry. As the B2C leader in the lighting industry, the company’s scale has continued to increase; at the same time, the company has actively expanded the business field and overseas markets to promoteThe company brings new growth.

Profit forecast We believe that the trend of future consumer upgrades will continue, and the market concentration of the lighting industry will continue to increase. As a leading domestic lighting company, the company will actively expand household and commercial channels. The market share is expected to continue to increase in the future, and its performance will maintain good growth.

We estimate that the company’s net profit attributable to its parent for 2019-2021 will be 9.

8, 11.

0, 12.

8% ten percent, an annual increase of 9.

0%, 12.

4%, 16.

0%.The latest closing price corresponds to PE 22 in 2019.

1x, referring to estimates from home furnishings and kitchen appliances companies, but as the leader in the lighting industry, the company has a solid cascading structure, and the competitive layout breaks down the growth points of kitchen appliances, profits, and profit growth. Therefore, it is certain that the premium will be given to the company in 2019.Worth 29.

9 yuan / share, maintaining the “overweight” rating.

Risk reminders: original substantial price increase; substantial growth in the real estate market; deteriorating competition environment in the industry leading to price wars; weak overall consumer demand; the company’s channel expansion has fallen short of expectations.

Wandong Medical (600055): Wanliyun’s 19-year Dating Investment Turnover Is Expected to Turn Loss

Wandong Medical (600055): Wanliyun’s 19-year Dating Investment Turnover Is Expected to Turn Losses

Event: On May 15, 2019, Wandong Medical, Wanliyun, Alibaba Health, Yuhua and Shengyu jointly signed the “Capital Increase Agreement”, “Shareholders Agreement”, and the valuation of Wanliyun after the investment was RMB 14.

500,000 yuan as the basis for pricing, Yu Hua and Sheng Yu increased their capital by 50 million yuan.

Wanliyun is a leading medical imaging service company in China, with online and offline collaborative development Wanliyun is a leading medical imaging service company in China, with online and offline collaborative development, imaging SaaS product sales, and imaging center construction and operation.

Offline business: The company already has 15 image centers, including an independent third-party image center and 14 cooperatively operated image centers.

Online business: The remote film reading service relies on the basic channel resources of Wandong Medical. At present, it has covered 4000 large-scale medical institutions, with daily traffic of more than 40,000. At present, the number of registered doctors of Wanliyun has reached more than 6,000, and the cooperative medical union 30Above, there are about 1,000 doctors for cooperative film reading, and the volume of remote film reading is the first in China.

In the context of medical informatization, the imaging cloud SaaS service is committed to building SaaS information systems for medical institutions, and providing services such as imaging cloud and cloud film, and the business has developed rapidly.

In addition, the company has jointly developed medical imaging AI products with Ali Health and Dharma Institute to help medical diagnosis.

Wanliyun achieved revenue of 4262 in 2018.

840,000 yuan, net profit -1430.

400,000 yuan in 19 years is expected to achieve 90 million yuan in revenue, net profit turnaround.

The company dated Ali Health 2 in March 2016.

2.5 billion US dollars strategic investment, estimated at 900 million US dollars, this round of financing companies dating Yuhua and Sheng Yu 100 million US dollars strategic investment, estimated 14.

500 million, while the employee shareholding platform increased by 1.6 million yuan.

At present, Wandong Medical’s property rights account for 55.

86%, Ali Health’s equity accounted for 23.

28%, employee share platforms accounted 杭州桑拿网 for 13.

96%, Yuhua and Shengyu ranked third.


The new round of financing will help the company further develop imaging services, and employee shareholdings will also stimulate the company’s performance growth.

Investment advice and profit forecast are supported by policies, new product listings and company sales boost. It is estimated that the company’s operating income for 19-21 will be 11 respectively.



75 ppm, an increase of 23 in ten years.

5% / 18.

3% / 13.

0%, net profit attributable to mother 2.



1.3 billion, an increase of 34 in ten years.

8% / 24.

1% / 22.

1%, EPS is 0.



58 yuan / share, corresponding to PE33 / 26/20 times, maintaining a target price of 17.

48 yuan, maintain “Buy” rating.

Risks indicate that product sales are below expectations; new product development and listing are below expectations.

Superstar Technology (002444) Company dynamic comment: Maintaining steady growth in trade tensions, acquiring Zhongce Rubber, expanding aftermarket channels

Superstar Technology (002444) Company dynamic comment: Maintaining steady growth in trade tensions, acquiring Zhongce Rubber, expanding aftermarket channels

The performance has been developing steadily, and export-oriented enterprises are facing tariff risks: According to the company’s interim report performance report, operating income will be realized in the first half of 2019.

38 ppm, an increase of 38 in ten years.


The company is the third largest manufacturer of hand tools in the world. By leveraging the four major advantages of innovation, brand, channel and internationalization, and highlighting the characteristics of omnichannel, the tool business has achieved sales revenue26.

55 ppm, an increase of 40 in ten years.

63%, has become the main driving force to increase operating income.

Net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies was 4 in the first half of the year.

440,000 yuan, up 38 in the same period last year.


In the first half of the year, the company worked hard to expand channels and even reduced sales expenses and financial expenses more than doubled. However, in the first half of the year, the increase in other income from government subsidies contributed to the increase in net profit.

In the second quarter of 2019, operating income exceeded expectations by 20.

22%, slightly faster than the growth rate of Q1.

However, the growth rate of net profit attributable to mothers increased from the morning quarter to 42.

87%, related to the benefit concessions implemented from April 1.

Obviously, due to the impact of the Sino-US trade war, the company’s smart product business is the most affected by the US tariff policy suppression.

There are still uncertainties in the future trade situation. More than 94% of the company’s main business income comes from abroad. Although it is a leader in the industry, it still faces challenges.

The trade environment is unfavorable, and the advantages of sales channels are actively used: the company accounts for 4% of China’s exports of American hand tools, and has a market share of 3% -4% in the US market.

In the announcement of the impact of US taxation on the company issued in August, it was stated that the Sino-US trade friction will not have a significant adverse impact on the company’s future production and operation and financial status, and its continued profitability.

The company actively responds to challenges, uses leading advantages, accelerates product development and expands sales layout, and expands the needs of more people.

In terms of supply chain, the company’s acquisition of Prime-Line in North America in the first half of this year has become one of Asia’s largest hardware tool 西安耍耍网 suppliers such as LOWES, HOMEDEPOT, WALMART, BRICODEPOT, CTC and other large European and American supermarket chains.

In addition, it has also developed new channels such as e-commerce, its own-brand dealer system and direct supply to major customers.

Especially in the area of smart product business, shifting the focus of production capacity layout, it is necessary to completely manufacture the foundation and independent intellectual property rights to avoid the suppression of US tariffs.

In the semi-annual report for 2019, the company’s construction in progress has increased by 366 for many years.

02%, notes receivable increased by 96 in ten years.


In the unfavorable trading environment, in addition to improving product manufacturing and distribution capabilities, the company is committed to taking advantage of its size and diversifying risks through possible scale effects of investment layout.

In terms of operating model, the pricing of export products is FOB, import tariffs are borne by customers, and manufacturing costs are replaced, and products are replaceable.

But once the United States uses sanctions, it will affect orders and be detrimental to the company’s development.

Acquiring Zhongce Rubber to expand the market after the automobile: The company’s products are widely integrated in the manufacturing and processing industries. In the field of auto repair, the company’s main products mainly include professional tool boxes and cabinets.

In order to fully grasp the development potential of the automotive aftermarket, the company intends to establish in-depth cooperation in market channels through the acquisition of Zhongce Rubber, to further expand the product layout in the automotive aftermarket area, and to improve the level of automotive repair and maintenance services.

It is reported that the latest draft of the transaction disclosed by the company, the superstar technology and Hangcha Group at a price of 1 yuan to the holding platform Zhongce Haichao increased capital by 1.1 billion US dollars, and obtained Zhongce Haichao27.

50% equity.

After the capital increase is completed, Zhongce Haichao will pay cash to purchase the equity of Zhongce Rubber held by eight counterparties. The amount of its own funds and bank merger loans will account for 46 of Zhongce Rubber’s registered capital.

95%, and obtained a controlling stake in Zhongce Rubber.

Superstar Technology will indirectly hold Zhongce Rubber12.

91% equity.

After the completion of the transaction, Zhongce Rubber will not divide the scope of the company’s consolidated statement, and the company’s main business structure will not change due to the transaction.

Zhongce Rubber has a strong internal sales and service network, which will provide the company with access to the auto repair market. Zhongce Rubber is expected to rely on the company to enter the supplier list of large North American retailers, but at present, the North American market risks increase, orWill affect the realization of synergies. Investment suggestion: We predict that the company’s EPS for 2019-2021 will be 0.

80 yuan, 0.

90 yuan and 0.

98 yuan, corresponding to PE is 14 times, 12 times and 11 times.

Maintain the “Recommended” level.

Risk reminder: the risk of higher tariffs leading to higher costs; the risk of RMB exchange rate; trade friction leading to fewer orders.

Collective hysteria blame multiple girls fainted

Collective hysteria blame multiple girls fainted

Yesterday, this newspaper accepted the title of the parents’ feedback. More than 10 girls in the second year of junior high school in the nine-year compulsory education school in Wumiao Township, Jianyang City fainted in a self-study class on the evening of the 2nd.

According to reporters’ field investigations in schools and hospitals, only a few students had symptoms of poisoning due to unclean food, and most female students were fainted and stunned.

  Memories: More than 10 girls have fainted yesterday morning. The reporter came to Jianyang Second People’s Hospital.

On the third and fourth floors of the inpatient department, the reporter saw several female middle school students who were lying on the bed for the infusion. They still looked pale and tired.

  On the fourth floor, the parents of the three girls are anxiously guarding the child’s bed, and they are talking about the illness.

According to Zheng, the first student’s parents who arrived at the school, the incident happened at 7 pm on the 2nd.

At about 7:30, his daughter suddenly fainted to the ground. Her daughter had suffered from encephalitis before and her constitution was poor.

But strange things happened one after another.

While other classmates supported his daughter, another girl suddenly fainted.

Then, another girl fainted inexplicably . Like dominoes, more than 10 girls in the class had similar situations.

  Symptoms: Dizziness, dizziness, and vomiting less than two hours, 13 girls in a class had the same symptoms.

Such anomalous facts scared the teacher, thinking that the students were poisoned.

As a result, the school immediately brought students close to the nearby hospital.

Teacher: Most of the doctors who were scared of the emergency room immediately performed gastric lavage on 13 female students.

Doctors said that only some of them had symptoms of poisoning, and other students had caused it for years.

  The reporter interviewed five inpatient girls. They said that there was no collective cafeteria in the school. Before the incident, a small number of students had noodles in a small restaurant opposite to the school.

  ”It could be panic because you saw a chain of reactions caused by the first girl’s fainting.

“Fu Zigen, the school’s administration office, who has been accompanying the students, said that when the students were infused at night, they returned to school at 1 am yesterday.

But yesterday morning, 5 girls out of 13 girls had the same symptoms as the night before.

This situation makes parents more puzzled about the cause.

  Psychologist: Zhao Xiaoling, a psychiatric consultant for collective hysteria, said after understanding the situation, it was initially judged that this should be caused by a mental illness called collective hysteria.

Thirteen girls were hinted by various adverse reactions when the first girl became ill. In addition, in a classroom with a lot of people, the air was not flowing, which easily caused symptoms such as chest tightness.

In addition to conventional medical treatment, psychological methods can also be used to assist the treatment, which implies therapy.

Why only female students get sick?

Dr Zhao explained that this is because women are more sensitive and easier to imitate, and because they are weaker than men, they are more vulnerable to this suggestion.

How can I prevent this from happening again?

She suggested that in addition to maintaining a good ventilation environment, students ‘psychological health education should be strengthened to effectively improve students’ psychological tolerance.

Interpreting your career status by key

Interpreting your career status by key

A key is dropped near the pool. When you are looking for it, use your imagination and guess that it is made of the following materials.

Don’t think, just choose an answer: A: Iron B: Wood C: Gold D: Silver E: Copper Analysis of the results: A: You are a very realistic person.

Rarely do useless imagination, think and deal with problems in ordinary people’s way of thinking, and get along well with the people around them, without causing trouble.

But now you may be at the ebb of life B: Your heart seems to be dissatisfied with real life, or you feel very tired.

It feels troublesome to do anything and lacks the motivation to try new things. Now you are eager to attach to strong men.

  C: Your current career is very prosperous, and there are unexpected opportunities around you, which can make you realize your dreams and gain.

And new things will bring you good luck one after another.

  D: You can react immediately after thinking carefully about the problem.

Those who use wisdom to find reasonable solutions.

You are very cautious when accepting the opinions of the other party, so it is the most appropriate time to face the other party’s proposal or show love to the other party.

In addition, your fortune is very strong, and there is a possibility of getting rich.

  E: You are super confident.

Outstanding ability can handle things neatly.

But in the face of something that is annoying, even the voice of your boss or elder, the order is deaf, because you think you are the most important.

You seem to be able to do both well.

Now is the best time to let go and try something new.

Self-required severe obsessive-compulsive disorder

Self-required severe obsessive-compulsive disorder

1. Case introduction Xiaoqiang, male, 18 years old, a senior in a key middle school in a city.

Xiaoqiang studied very well in elementary school. His grades have always been among the best, and he has a very easy time to learn. At the same time, he also enjoys playing and has a good teacher-student relationship.

Junior high school attends the school where his mother works (non-emphasis). At first, he studies less hard, is more playful, has a moderate grade, and is under a dozen in the class.

At the third grade, his parents sought his opinion: should they be admitted to high school or secondary school?

He began to point out the future and decided to go to high school.

Parents borrowed a lot of reference materials for this purpose, developed a rigorous study plan for themselves, studied hard, and progressed quickly, and finally entered the key high school with the 4th grade.

  After entering high school, my confidence increased greatly and I set myself the goal of entering a prestigious university.

But the grade in the first grade is 14 in the class?
15 people.

During the summer vacation, I met a few students from other junior high schools in the original junior high school. I knew that my grades were in the forefront of the grade. I was very unconvinced. I denied that I was not working hard enough.For example, if you have to understand the lessons, you will be summed up during the lesson. You will not spend time digesting at home, but read the reference materials. The results are not ideal.

Check yourself again, and think that your goals and plans are correct, or that you have not worked hard enough, so you can spend more time reading.

Shortly after the start of the second year of high school, there were thoughts in the brain when reading, such as: “Is this part of the content the focus of the college entrance examination”, “How will the exam be taken during the exam”, and then the nervous situation when the exam is not good appears in the brain, can not be resolved; usuallyFeeling nervous and intensifying before the exam.

Since then, the academic performance has continued to decline, and the academic performance has replaced 25-34-41 in the class, which is very worrying.

After entering the third year of high school, the symptoms intensified. As long as she was studying, she had distracted thoughts, she was unable to attend class and read assignments, and she was even more worried.

Thinking of the approaching of the college entrance examination, I was very nervous. I was restless all day, and I couldn’t get interested in the violin and football that I loved.

So I looked for some mental health books and tried to adjust myself. The effect was not great. I went to the consultation center for treatment.

Case study This is a common case of OCD among middle school students.

Xiaoqiang’s main manifestations are forward-looking obsessive-compulsive worry and anxiety, that is, he is always worried that he will fail his exam and fail to attend university, causing serious concerns.

This compulsive concept appears in the learning process, which affects the learning effect, and further strengthens worry and anxiety, causing a vicious circle.

Xiaoqiang has caused this worry to be expected, harmful, trying to control, but unable to interfere, his state of worry is caused by compulsive symptoms.

Diagnosis: obsessive-compulsive neurosis with obsessions and examination anxiety.

  During the consultation, Xiaoqiang was not found to have a previous traumatic experience, and the family education method was basically democratic.

Conversation and personality tests show that he is too disciplined, strict with ethics, and cautiously rigid. This is clearly shown in his plans and the execution of these plans. These weaknesses in personality development are the main inherent causes of his OCD.factor.

During the treatment, he focused on analyzing the reasons for his obsessive-compulsive disorder. First, there were no big mistakes in the goals he set, but there were problems with the plan, which led to poor results and worry; second, he had weaknesses in his personality, mainly forSelf-discipline, grams have been stereotyped.

Unrealistic plans and strict demands on oneself result in one’s inability to forgive, accept oneself, and the appearance of coercion.

  The treatment method is to encourage Xiaoqiang to work hard to overcome his personality weakness, and guide him to formulate a learning plan according to his own conditions, decompose the big goals into small goals, and move forward step by step practicably.

At the same time, hypnotizing therapy was used to systematically desensitize and teach Xiaoqiang to relax and learn again.

As soon as possible, the compulsive symptoms gradually eased.

Since then, he has received desensitization treatment for his exam concerns and received better results.

Do more with less!

Improve your thin waist exercise

Do more with less!
Improve your thin waist exercise

The beer belly makes men no longer heroic, and women are afraid of a “swimming circle” around their waists.

Therefore, “thin waist” has always been the first consideration for weight loss.

However, with the same thin waist, some people are busy with nothing, and some people can fatally enjoy “thin”.

  Don’t think that doing exercise will definitely be effective. Maybe the following common misunderstandings are hindering your “waist” path!

  Is crunches the best way to exercise abdominal muscles?

  Speaking of thin waist, most people think of sit-ups first.

It’s simple and easy, and it seems like it should be effective.

However, we have been regarded as a housekeeping “magic” for sit-ups, but we have not been included in the list of the “most effective abdominal fitness method” by the authoritative fitness organization in the United States.

  The next day after doing sit-ups, did you not feel any pain in your waist, and your shoulders and arms hurt?

That’s because many people do sit-ups with their backs and shoulders to their feet, but the abdomen doesn’t get real exercise.

  Improved method: If you want to make sit-ups play a better effect, it is recommended to do sit-ups only 10 times per minute, but hold for 5 seconds when the upper body is at a 45-degree angle with the ground.

This way, you can get real exercise for your waist, which is better than doing 60 incorrect sit-ups in 1 minute!

  Do abdominal exercises every day to get firm abs?

  The muscle formation process of the abdominal muscles and other parts of the body is exactly the same, and it also needs displacement to shape.

After training with a large amount of exercise, although the cell morphology of the muscle tissue has been changed, it has not yet been fully formed. It usually takes 48 hours to complete the task of “rebuilding” muscles.

Daily exercise of the abdomen can promote fatal burning, but it does not give a time for the formation of abdominal muscles. Once the exercise is relaxed, the excess meat will immediately launch a “counterattack”.

  Improved method: Arrange the correct exercise frequency, and do abdominal exercises 3 times a week.